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Brown But Scrumptious – Bell’s Bake Shop

on June 10, 2012

ImageJune 9, 2012
Bell’s Bake Shop, Richmond BC
Coffee Cupcake with Brown Sugar Buttercream

What a beautiful day it was yesterday! In fact, it was so pleasantly sunny that I just had to make my way down to Steveston Village and get a cupcake at Bell’s Bake Shop. I was craving sweet icing and moist cake because sadly, I did not get one at Bonchaz on Friday and had been counting on Bell’s Bake Shop ever since. Despite the late hour and that they were almost closing, I made it in time. Even when it was past 6 p.m., they were not closing. I guess they are just really flexible with the hours. There were also quite a few cupcakes still left, along with some brownies, cookies, and other baked treats. The lady was cleaning up in the back and washing pans and whatnot but there were still two groups in the shop when I arrived, including a family with a toddler playing with the toys. Once again, I must say I love the little shop that is very open and friendly.

This time, I decided to go with what I did not get to try but wanted to badly the last time Mom and I visited the shop: the Coffee Cupcake with Brown Sugar Buttercream. Brown sugar and coffee is a winning combination right there. The flavours were again fabulous. The buttercream was more sugary and buttery, which I prefer since I hate ‘oily’ and bland icing. It had the texture of beaten sugar, which I also like, even though some people hate it when the icing sugar is so obvious. It was super sweet and thus, perfect for my palate. The espresso bean on top was cute and really crunchy with a very intense coffee flavour. The coffee cake was also nicely flavoured, with a distinct coffee aroma. It was not too sweet so it went well with the brown sugar buttercream. It did not stick onto the wrapper. However, it was slightly dry on the edges and sides. Perhaps it is just because it was baked early in the morning and had been left sitting all day long. The centre of the cake was still moist and soft though, airy in texture and neither too light nor dense.

Their cake bases are perfect when they are not slightly dried and I love the sweetness and texture of their frosting. Each bite is a perfect balance of flavours and texture. I just wish the cupcakes can be decorated a bit differently. The way they frost the cupcakes leaves some parts with thick icing and some parts with hardly any so it needs to be evened out somewhat with the fork when eating. Also, I prefer the traditional swirls of icing on top since to me, it looks prettier and more gourmet rather than homemade. The price of $2.75 is slightly overpriced for this kind of home business but nonetheless, I have yet to find any icing I prefer more so I will be sure to return.

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  1. mydearbakes says:

    lol, I got hungry just by reading your post!

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