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Fresh Sunday Bread – 大统华面包坊-T&T Bakery

on June 11, 2012

ImageJune 10, 2012
大统华面包坊 – T&T Bakery, Richmond BC
华尔兹芋泥包 (Waltz Taro Bun)
菠萝红豆方包 (Pineapple Red Bean Bread)

With no distinct plan for food today, Mom was very helpful as always and quick to bring back T&T Bakery bread. We all need breakfast this week and their bread is just always so fresh and delicious. Mom, like me, is a huge fan. Who wouldn’t, especially when the bread and buns of all sorts are baked fresh, using quality ingredients, and very affordable?

ImageThe first one she brought back today was the 华尔兹芋泥包 (Waltz Taro Bun). This is one of the most expensive individual buns they have, packaged in the yellow bag. The concept is quite simple: taro paste in a bun. The top was super pretty, though, which is where I am assuming the ‘waltz’ part of the name came from. It probably seems like an elegant dance, with the strips and dusting sugar. The crispy strips were quite unique, actually. I have never tasted something like it. It seemed like extremely thin pastry ‘noodles’ as it tasted like a Chinese egg tart shell but in very fine strips. It had a light, buttery aroma and was slightly sweetened. Or perhaps the sweetness could have come from the sugar on top; I am not 100% sure. It did add a nice texture to the bread though. The dough itself was a tad bit overdone. I would have liked a stickier, more moist and chewy bread, although it was soft and fluffy enough. It did not have a lot of dough as it was extremely hollow on the inside. However, the taro paste only filled about 1/3 of the space. The taro paste itself, while artificially coloured and flavoured, was very sweet and delicious. It was thick and gooey, a little sticky as well, but the texture was smooth and I loved it.Image

The second bread Mom bought was the 菠萝红豆方包 (Pineapple Red Bean Bread). This is another one of their full-size specialty breads. Again, the concept is simple and very common in Chinese supermarkets: a pineapple topping and red bean paste. This, according to Mom, was freshly baked and still warm when she got it. The pineapple crumble crust – named for its appearance since there are no traces of actual pineapple anywhere – was sweet and had a good texture. It was not very hard but dense enough to taste the texture. The very top layer seemed smooth and could be peeled off, but the majority of the ‘pineapple’ crust stuck to the bun. The red bean paste was not the traditional kind. It was not too sweet and had red beans, or azuki beans, in it – ones that are not mushed up. I guess it is more of an azuki bean filling rather than a paste filling. This bread was quite a bit more moist and soft. With the moisture comes the stickiness and chewiness. Perhaps it is because of the size that they are not easily over-baked. Regardless, the swirls of red bean paste was in good proportions with the rest of the bread. My only complaint is that it was a large loaf cut in half but not sliced. That made it kind of hard to eat so I would have preferred it to be sliced.Image

Overall, T&T Bakery does not disappoint. Their larger breads are a lot cheaper and thus, very affordable. Each pack is about $2.50-$3, which is a way better deal than the smaller, individual-sized buns priced at $1.29-$1.79. It is nice that they have some of the more popular small bun flavours in larger sizes, like this Pineapple Red Bean Bread. The most common flavours become comfort food, and thus, satisfying regardless of at which meal it is eaten. 

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