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Tart All Around – Blue Chip Cookies

on June 13, 2012

ImageJune 12, 2012
Blue Chip Cookies, Vancouver BC
Tomato Tart
Mixed Berry Square

Sometimes, delectable baked goodies lined up just looks simply irresistible and my brain will not stop thinking about such deliciousness until I give in to that imagined taste and buy them. For quite a while now, I have been meaning to try something other than cookies at Blue Chip Cookies. They have a wide variety of baked treats, including many vegan and gluten-free options. These seem to be quite ‘in’ at the moment. All of a sudden, most stores are largely advertising these treats. It certainly makes me wander how people with low gluten tolerance and vegans survived before this craze set in.

Wanting to pair savoury and sweet, I selected the Tomato Tart for something tart and cheesy. It looked good, like a cold pizza with hardened cheese kind of good. It was of a decent size as well. As I ate it however, I was surprised to find the crust was actually phyllo dough. I have never been a fan of layered pastry dough with oil and fat tastes so I was quite disappointed I did not get my hard-to-chew yeast dough. I probably should have looked more carefully. Despite my dislike for phyllo pastry, it was nice and finely layered. Although cold, it was not hard to eat and retained its flakiness. The thin crust also did not taste too buttery, which could easily happen when pastries turn cold. The tomato slices on top were tart and sweet as they tasted quite ripe. They were baked till they shriveled slightly and I liked the texture. The melted and shredded cheese – I am guessing it was processed mozzarella – was good in that cold way. The two leaves of parsley (I think) did not add to the taste but it was nicely spiced up with a variety of ingredients. I think tomatoes and cheese just make a good combination any time.Image

Next, I bought the Mixed Berry Square, the treat I had been craving a lot. It was more of a coffee cake than a bar or oat square type of treat. The berries were mostly near the top so I would have liked to see mire throughout the cake but they were sweet and tart. More tart than sweet to be sure but tasty all the same. I could taste blueberries and large but deliciously soggy strawberries. In addition, it had rhubarb pieces as well so that was a nice change. The buttery crumble topped with dusting sugar on top was tad sweetest part of the cake. It was hard and crumbly so I loved it. The cake itself was not sweet enough. It had only a faint buttery taste, which is good since I do not like my cakes too oily. However, more sugar would have been nice, though I am not complaining. It was moist and soft and had a light yellow colour, making it look very appealing when mixed with the natural dye from the berries. It is not really my type of sweet dessert that I was craving, but for those who prefer less sweetened treats, it will definitely please. 

While Blue Chip Cookies is not exactly cheap, their prices are not outrageous either. The products are freshly baked and you cab taste that freshness. For an on-campus bakery, I think they deserve some credit for providing students with more breakfast and snack options. Koodos to them for the vegan and gluten-free choices as well. I am sure there is a group of students who are glad to have this option around. 

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