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A Cosmopolitan ‘Cookie’ – Faubourg

on June 14, 2012

ImageJune 13, 2012
Faubourg, Vancouver BC
Tahitian Vanilla Macaron
Cosmopolitan Macaron
Hazelnut Praline Macaron

As the summer school session draws to an end, I just had to make one last trip to Faubourg. Not that I do not want to go back – I most certainly want to try their tarts and especially the White Chocolate Raspberry Bavarois – but it will no longer be as easy as getting off the bus and hopping back on ten minutes later. Goodness knows when I will wander into that part of the city again. However, I was too keen to not give up the opportunity and try their Macaron of the Month. So here goes my latest macaron adventure.Image

First, I started with the Tahitian Vanilla Macaron. When it is not too strong, vanilla has always tasted just exquisite to me. This macaron was particularly nice. The flavour was rich but not overwhelming. Matched with the delicate and sweet shell – finally, Faubourg presented me with three consistent-texture macarons! – it was a lovely little bite of sweetness. The Tahitian vanilla to me was more aromatic, a nice change from the regular vanilla bean macarons. Despite the slight collapse of the soft shell centre, it was not too hard nor gummy, even though it could have filled up some more space between the outer and inner layers.

Next up was the flavour of the month – the Cosmopolitan Macaron. On their website, they make it clearer what the flavour is, calling it Cranberry Lime & Vodka Macaron instead. It was just that. The colour was beautiful – a nice spring green for the lime and a lovely light shade of pink for the cranberry. The sweet and tart filling was accented with a hint of vodka – such a unique flavour!

Finally, I needed to persuade myself not all nut-flavoured macarons taste artificial so I went for the Hazelnut Praline Macaron. It looked very pretty, and the hazelnut bits on the shell added a nice crunch to the delicate casing. Although the inside was collapsed in again and slightly hardened, the shell was still delicate and the moisture of the chocolate ganache filling made up for it. It had a nice hazelnut aroma with the cocoa flavour and certainly was not the sweetest macaron ever. It was not exactly memorable and was okay to me.

I am glad none of these macarons were too gummy, like they had been on my previous visits. I guess the timing really matters, since it is unlikely they are to sell out everyday and make new ones every morning considering how many of each of the 10+ flavours they always seem to have on hand. What I like about Faubourg that will justify (somewhat) the high prices and mediocre shells is the unique flavours they have, from Cosmopolitan to Strawberry Black Pepper, to Lemon Lime. I am always curious what they have lined up for the next month.

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