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Farewell, First Final – Blue Chip Cookies

on June 14, 2012

ImageJune 14, 2012
Blue Chip Cookies, Vancouver BC
Apple Bun
Smarties Cookie

After a stressful final exam, I decided to rewind with a treat from Blue Chip Cookies. After all, who knows when I will be back to try some more of their delicious goodies baked fresh daily? I saw an ad for Yelp as well, and checking in provided me with a 10% discount offer. However, though I was originally planning for just the Apple Bun, the discount required a minimum $4 purchase – why did they not specify that anywhere until I paid? – so I added a cookie too. 

The Apple Bun was lovely and just how I thought it would taste. I was craving some tart, moist apple slices with some brown sugar and butter crumbles. A hint of cinnamon was also appreciated. The dusting sugar just added to the sweetness but being a huge sweet tooth, it was delicious by me. The apple slices were thick enough to be gooey yet still slightly crunchy in the centre. It was loaded with apples and the bread was actually quite thin. It was not fluffy bread, but it was certainly chewy so I loved the texture. The apples were place on top of a layer of custard that was not very rich or sweet. It was just creamy enough to add contrast and provide a nice texture, yet did not overtake the flavour of the apple. It was still slightly warm when I got it, one of the many benefits of being freshly baked.Image

The server told me the Smarties Cookie was baked just ten minutes before. However, I was quite disappointed. While the middle of the cookie was soft, the outside, especially around the edges, were not. The cookie was almost room temperature and the chocolate inside the Smarties were not even melted. I prefer liquid chocolate chips in my cookies. The dough was not very sweet so more sugar in the cookie dough would have been nice. I wanted a soft, almost falling apart cookie but this was certainly not what I was craving. The napkin was almost soaked with grease by the time I got home, so yes, it was freshly baked, but not fresh enough and baked for too long. Without the sweetness in the dough, I could taste the butter or margarine and it was not nearly the best cookie I have had.

The servers also need to be able to tell what a ‘small’ cookie means, as my cookie weighed in at 95g and was no where near small. If they are selling by weight, they better be able to judge the sizes of the cookies. Also, they need to give the correct time of when the cookies were baked. If I ask for time, I do not mean when they place it on the shelf, ready to be sold. If it really did come out of the oven ten minutes ago, they need to shorten their baking time.

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