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Green Tea Goodness – Jugo Juice

on June 14, 2012

ImageJune 13, 2012
Jugo Juice, Vancouver BC
[Green Tea Buzz]

As I headed for the skytrain and passed the Jugo Juice store in the station, I noticed their sign showing new products of Coco Colada smoothie and what appeared to be a very tasty wrap. I stepped in to check out their wraps, making a mental note I would get one in the near future. They looked incredibly fresh and delicious – perfect for a light lunch on a beautiful summer day. I noticed on their counter after browsing their wrap displays, that they had one last mini shot cup of a sample drink. I grabbed in, left, tasted it, and went back to ask the server what it was I was drinking. Unfamiliar with their menu because I normally do not drink smoothies due to my dislike of fresh bananas, I was pleasantly surprised.

Turned out what amused my taste buds was the Green Tea Buzz, part of their Super Smoothies menu. It was very refreshing and cool. Not very sweet at all, the matcha flavour really stood out and gave the drink a slightly dense taste. I was glad there were no bananas in this one, which is probably why I loved it. I may really need to go back and get a full-sized drink sometime. Their mango and acai smoothies seem so tempting, especially knowing they do not have bananas! Makes me wonder why I have never thought to check out their menu more closely…

Jugo Juice (Oakridge Station) on Urbanspoon


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