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Peaches and Sunshine – Starbucks

on June 20, 2012

ImageJune 18, 2012
Starbucks, Vancouver BC
Peaches & Creme Muffin

Hungry after working for the majority of the day and travelling a long ways away via skytrain, I desperately needed a snack before heading home. When I passed by in the morning, the Subway in Waterfront Station had the Creole Chicken Gumbo soup. It was not the right time for soup, though, but little did I know that they would run out of it as the day progressed. I was planning on bringing a cup home, but when I got there in the afternoon, they had replaced the gumbo with Chicken Noodle Soup. Luckily, I had a backup option right across at Starbucks. They released three new food items a while ago for this summer, one of which was the Raspberry Thumbprint Scone that I had tried last month.Image

This time, I decided to sample the Peaches & Creme Muffin. At only 350 calories, it is certainly acceptable for a muffin. They had two left so I quickly snatched one. The muffin was not particularly huge but of a decent snack size. It was nicely shaped and round, the edges overflowing the cup quite evenly all around. The top, despite sitting in the display case, was still somewhat hard. Although it was not as hard and crisp as I would have preferred, it certainly had a different texture than the inside. The ‘crunch’ was highlighted by the crystal sugar sprinkled judiciously on top, making the texture quite nice. It also made it sweeter, which was good considering the muffin was not very sweet. It was not exactly overloaded with butter either. Rather, it was nice and light. The small dollop of custard cream and the peach glaze on the inside made it quite refreshing for a muffin. I can definitely taste the tartness, reminding me of spring and summer. The peach sauce was not overly sweet either, nor was the cream. Nothing about the muffin screamed ‘sweet’ and ‘greasy’ and ‘fat.’ It was still very moist and the texture was consistent throughout the muffin. I know Starbucks does not bake its food fresh daily, but they manage to keep the quality high and ensure everything tastes fresh. 

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