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A Thousand Disappointments – 大阪超级市场-Osaka Supermarket

on June 21, 2012

ImageJune 19, 2012
大阪超级市场 – Osaka Supermarket, Richmond BC
上海千层糕 (Layer Steamed Cake)

Unfortunately, while T&T Bakery will usually please me, the Osaka Supermarket in general an their various ready-to-eat food offerings are much more of a hit and miss. You can get anything from cold and hot appetizers and entrees to a large variety of dim sum and sushi. The products are usually quite average, but for the price and convenience, I think there are some pretty good deals if you know what to look for. They also continuously mark down items as the night progresses.

On this particular occasion, I tried the 上海千层糕 (Layer Steamed Cake). First off, let me just say that the traditional thousand layer cake is made from egg yolk paste in between layers of dough and then steamed. The best version I have had before was from Empire Supermarket. I prefer a sweet lotus paste with the salty egg yolks, giving it a nice sweet and savoury blend. This one from Osaka Supermarket was extremely disappointing. My biggest complaint is the obvious lack of egg yolk. The filling was like a very bland lotus paste with perhaps the tiniest bit of egg yolk that got beaten into the paste. It was a very faint yellow, almost inseparable from the dough, which goes to show how little yolk it had. At least put more lotus paste in there and have distinct layers rather than them being so thin that they are virtually nonexistent. The dough was also not very airy and spongy. It was topped with what seems to me like green and red coloured grains of sticky rice or glutinous rice. I am not sure how they managed to dye it but it was at least pretty. The colours remind me of Christmas. 

Occasionally, Osaka Supermarket will disappoint. This does not happen too often but I will be sure not to buy their version of the thousand layer cake again. Speaking of the name, it reminds me of the French Napoleon, or rather, the Mille de fieulle, which translates to ‘a thousand layers.’ Languages can be amusing, especially when they reflect how two yet unrelated cultures have almost the same idea. Still, not being a fan of flaky, layered pastry dough, I think I prefer the Chinese dessert in this case. Although, I must add, it has to be a better version than this one. 

Osaka Supermarket 大阪超級市場 on Urbanspoon


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