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Gumbo in the North – Subway

on June 22, 2012

ImageJune 22, 2012
Subway, Vancouver BC
Creole Chicken Gumbo

The original plan was for cupcakes and bonchaz at… well… Bonchaz Bakery Cafe in downtown Vancouver. What prevented that from happening? How about water from the sky, a.k.a. rain? It was pouring when I set out for home via skytrain, which made me rethink my plan of purchasing a Groupon and trudging out of Waterfront Station to get my cupcakes while wearing flats. Instead, I stayed dry inside the station and got a bowl of soup to keep myself warm until I got home. 

Subway’s Creole Chicken Gumbo is by far my favourite soup from a fast food restaurant. I first discovered this delicious soup during evening SAT classes. It certainly helped tie me over back then, and certainly still doing the same now. I love the soup base itself. It is a southern style soup so naturally, it has a lot of spices in it, making it quite spicy, which is totally for me. I love that burning sensation in my throat. It is not too thick but not completely watered down either. The chicken was not plentiful as there were only a few pieces. I did not mind though, because my favourite ingredient in the soup is by far the okra. There was quite a few pieces, which made me happy. Apart from that, there is barley, tomato chunks, celery, and onion. Overall, it is a lovely, warm, spicy soup that will warm me up on any drizzly, dreary Vancouver afternoon. 

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