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Sweet N’ Spicy – McDonald’s

on June 25, 2012

ImageJune 23, 2012
McDonald’s, Kenmore WA
S’mores Pie
Spicy Chicken McBites

I love it when fast food restaurants churn up new, limited-time menus. The only disappointing thing about it is that they will no longer be available after a few short months. However, it is a great way to try new foods and always gives me something to look forward too. It certainly keeps the menus interesting. Many restaurant chains have promotions for the summer, when people start getting out more and thus will frequent fast food establishments more often. It is no wonder that McDonald’s in both US and Canada have decided to introduce some new menu items for the hotter months. I am not sure why McDonald’s in the US decided to go with a chocolate theme, but hey, being a sweet tooth, I am certainly not complaining.Image
The S’mores Pie was absolutely scrumptious. It is shaped like the previous pie promotion – Strawberry & Creme Pie – with a large slit on the top of the pie revealing the filling. This was available (without the slit on the top) in Canada a few years ago and Mom and I got hooked. We were so sad to see the item disappear from the menu. The old one had chocolate filling to one end and marshmallow filling closer to the other, whereas this newer version has the two side by side. This pie is also significantly smaller than before – from what I remember at least. At $0.99, the size was certainly disappointing. Despite being baked after we ordered it, it looked kind of sad. However, I did love that they baked it fresh rather than just take it out of the warmer. It was quite hot when we got it so that was definitely worth the wait. I guess there is something to be said about not having too many customers. I love the chocolate and marshmallow fillings. The chocolate had some dark chocolate in it, which made it not so sweet. The marshmallow filling was more about texture than the mild, sweet taste it offered. The gooeyness of the fillings were definitely a plus. The graham cracker pie crust was also only lightly sweetened. There was some sugar along the edges, which added another nice, sweet dimension. Overall, it was not as sweet as I had expected. I can definitely use more sweetness, but it reflected a real s’mores quite well.Image
Another special menu item we tried was the Spicy Chicken McBites. Mom and I wanted to but never got around to trying the Chicken McBites when it came out earlier this year. I was super excited to sample the spicy version, however. I love it when the fried chicken is coated with spicy batter. The chicken was actually quite spicy. We could tell there was quite a bit of chili powder in the batter. The size of the chicken pieces were quite small, which allowed more of the spicy batter rather than the chicken. All that is good, except when the pieces got less consistent and significantly smaller so that there was no chicken in it at all, just pieces of deep fried batter. To be sure, the batter is the best part, but some chicken would be much appreciated. It reminded me of KFC’s spicy chicken burger in Beijing over a decade ago. Overall, though, this was quite addicting. The snack size was quite perfect for Mom and I to share, ensuring that we pretty much finished it before it got too cold. They are good when they are hot!
I really wish that McDonald’s would sometimes make some of their special menu items permanent. Both of these that we tried today would be good additions to their regular menu. However, I guess they would soon lose their appeal if they became regulars. Still, the S’mores Pie is one of the best, if not THE best, pie I have ever eaten at McDonald’s anywhere. I never though McDonald’s would make spicy chicken, but they did and they made it good compared to a lot of fast food places. All in all, I am very pleased and just wish that I can come to the States more often just to eat these for the next few months.

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