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To Be Guiltlessly Cool – McDonald’s

on June 26, 2012

ImageJune 24, 2012
McDonald’s, Seattle WA
Iced Coffee with Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

Mom loved the Spicy Chicken McBites we tried on Saturday. They are a special menu item right now, so she decided she wanted to eat more before heading home since they are not always offered. We stepped into McDonald’s before leaving Seattle to get a regular sized one this time. With the sun making the afternoon a warm one, Mom also decided to get a Sugar-Free Vanilla Iced Coffee from the McCafe menu. The guy working as the cashier was kind of confused over our order. The girl who made our coffee first filled the entire cup with ice, but how much coffee can you fill it with if the whole cup is ice? Thus, we told her we did not want that much ice and so she dumped out half of it, looking kind of glum while she was at it. Clearly, service was poor here. I am glad they came out with a sugar-free syrup this year. Mom and I no longer feel too guilty indulging in a refreshing summer drink. It reminds me so much of summer school between grade 10 and 11, the summer that McDonald’s first introduced iced coffee to their menu. Our class had no air conditioning and I had two classes per day. On the days Mom did not work, she would take me out for lunch at McDonald’s to enjoy the cool, air conditioned comfort of the restaurant. It was the Teriyaki Chicken Snack Wrap and Vanilla Iced Coffee that I got extremely attached to that summer. Now, whenever I sip on iced coffee, social studies and English material pop into my mind, as well as stuffy, overheated classrooms. I love the lightly sweetened vanilla flavour mixed with the somewhat bitter coffee. Sometimes, they do not mix it nicely and the ratios are off, which makes the drink bad. This one we got in Seattle, however, was perfectly sweetened, creamy, and refreshing.

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