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To Eat a Margarita – PinkaBella Cupcakes

on June 26, 2012

ImageJune 24, 2012
PinkaBella Cupcakes, Lynnwood WA
“Margo”rita Cupcake

I just could not resist scouring out cupcakeries through the internet before I left, so I was very excited to find that PinkaBella Cupcakes had a store in Alderwood Mall where we planned on going anyways. They were not too overpriced, at only $3 per cupcake as opposed to some other places in Seattle that sell them for over $3. Also, online reviews and ratings were quite good, so I decided to give them a try. I managed to get in there right before closing. Due to the late hour, they did not have much left, but fortunately, they did not run out of all the special flavours. The place was pretty and pink and very girly. For a cupcakery, that is expected decor. The white countertops were clean and brightened the space even more. They had special cupcake holders as well so that the cupcakes will sit in the container without moving or smudging the frosting. Since I bought it right before dinner, I decided to save my treat for breakfast the next day, hoping that it will remain just as fresh.
Preferring something a little less traditional, I opted for one of their weekend specials – the “Margo”rita Cupcake. It had a tequila cupcake with a lime buttercream, all topped with neon green sprinkles. It differed slightly from their online description, which says it is supposed to be topped with salt and a lime wedge. Not having that salt on top really detracts from the margarita inspiration. However, this is one of the best cupcakes I have ever tasted, hands down. The tequila cupcake was incredibly moist and soft. Even the edges were soft and moist, despite being a day-old cupcake, since I ate it the next morning. It had a somewhat faint tequila aroma. I would not have minded the alcohol influence to be stronger but it was certainly there. The cake was not too sweet either, which made it quite refreshing. The lime butterream frosting was even better than the cake. With a light, tart lime taste, it was quite sweet, just as I like it. It was also very smooth, without that granulated sugar texture. However, they managed to keep it just as sweet and sugary without it getting greasy or buttery. This made it better, in my opinion, than the frosting from Bell’s Bake Shop. It is great in both flavour and texture. There was just the right amount of frosting, not so much that it becomes too sweet. The light green colour was also very pleasant and refreshing to look at. It paired very nicely with the tequila cupcake and the sprinkles added a nice crunch.
I have absolutely no complaints about this cupcake. It stayed fresh even when I ate the last little bit on Monday. I was still craving more so I will be sure to purchase more than one next time. I also appreciated that they included the tax in the $3 as it is quite frustrating, for both the customers and the cashier I am sure, to handle change each time. That also made it more affordable. They also have a reward program, which might not suit out-of-town customers so well. However, I am planning on going back if I ever venture out there again so it is worth a shot. They have so many flavours and all of them look extremely delicious. Oh how I would love to try one bite of each! So far, I have yet to find a better cupcake than this so at least for now, PinkaBella Cupcakes will be ranked number on my list of cupcakeries.

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