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Sadly Sour Soup – Subway

on June 29, 2012

ImageJune 29, 2012
Subway, Vancouver BC
Chicken with White & Wild Rice Soup

Today was not particularly chilly, but I was slightly hungry on my way home. A little lazy to step outside the station for a cupcake or Tim Horton’s, I settled for Subway’s soup just like last week. The one in Waterfront Station always has quite a few customers so it was no surprise that all the seats were pretty much full around dinner time. What was surprising was the soup I got.

I went with the Chicken with White & Wild Rice Soup and the girl serving me was quite nice, willing to fill the bowl completely. It was steaming hot and looked delicious, without too much oil floating on the surface, which is always a good sign. It is one of their lower calorie and fat options as well. At first, the soup tasted good. The carrots, celery, and red peppers were all tender, and so was the diced chicken. The rice was soft and the wild rice had a nice chew to it, as it is a little harder to cook than white rice. However, when I got home, Mom and Dad both said they tasted something sour and bad. I tried it, and it was indeed as if the soup had gone bad, like there was something rotten in it. I am not sure why I did not taste this when I first bought it. Perhaps the heat hid the flavour. I believe this was freshly made. At a restaurant that is normally quite busy, I expect the soup to be fresh, just like their bread. Maybe it is the spices in the soup that did something weird after I reheated it in the microwave. I will definitely be more careful next time around, though. 

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