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Grand Opening Deluxe – Freshslice Pizza

on June 30, 2012

ImageJune 30, 2012
Freshslice PIzza, Richmond BC
Deluxe Pizza

A new Freshslice store finally opened today at Broadmoor Mall. For their grand opening specials, residents in the area all received coupons, including one for a free XL slice of whatever is available in the warmer between 2-4 p.m. Thinking it was perfect as an afternoon snack, my parents and I poked our heads into the new storefront before heading out for some groceries. The line was very long, pretty much up to the door. Everyone was carrying the coupons. Some were ordering a whole pizza at the discounted price ($7.99 for eight XL slices or one XL pizza). However, it was too early for dinner so I decided one slice would suffice. 

The Deluxe Pizza had just come out of the oven, so even though the Beef Taco Pizza looked fancier and prettier – and a little more exotic, too, I guess – I went with the warm, fresh one even though all of them were recently made. The toppings included pepperoni, sausage, and green peppers on top of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. I appreciated that it was not overly greasy. There was some oil, to be fair, but it was only expected with the pepperoni and sausage. The toppings were certainly not overflowing but they did not skimp on the ingredients either. It covered the pizza nicely. The meats were nicely seasoned and the peppers added a refreshing, slight crunch to the texture. The tomato sauce was slightly too salty for my liking and more mozzarella would have made it better. I love the chewy, stringy cheese covering my pizza, rather than just in between the other ingredients. My favourite part of the slice was the crust, however. Their whole grain dough was thick enough to be soft yet still chewy. It was baked to perfection so the bottom was not burnt but had a slight crisp. The edge was quite thick, much to my delight since I LOVE good pizza crusts. It was golden, warm, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside with a nice whole grain aroma. It had a slightly sweet taste to it, which made it even better. 

Freshslice Pizza certainly did not disappoint me today. The Deluxe Pizza was perhaps not my favourite combination of toppings, but I am sure I will be back, even just for more of that delicious pizza dough! With our coupons, we might even try their sides and pastas. I think the Crazy Baguettes, Cinnamon Sticks, and Cheezy Bread would be lovely, especially if they are made with the same dough. On Tuesday, $1.25 per slice or $8.95 for eight would also make a decent meal, especially considering the different varieties you can get! For me at least, the quality of the pizza really comes with the dough. If the dough it good, the pizza will turn out great!


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