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Slap on that Beaver Tail – Bell’s Bake Shop

on July 2, 2012

ImageJuly 1, 2012
Bell’s Bake Shop, Richmond BC
Beaver Tail Cupcake

Happy 145th birthday, Canada! Amidst a sea of red and white, a parade and other attractions drew thousands of people to celebrate our nation’s birthday in the quaint Steveston Village. Ever year, the Steveston Salmon Festival is THE go to destination of the locals, with people reserving spots with lawn chairs early in the morning. I always get there early to set up my entries for the Horticulture Show. That means I get up even earlier to snip off the blooms from the garden and arrange them in the vases. For a few years, I even volunteered at the event for the day. Quite familiar with it, I did not partake in the parade or the famous salmon bake this year. Instead, I went there half an hour before take down started to hunt down some sweets.

Bell’s Bake Shop, instead of opening their store, had a booth set up at the food fair since commercial vendors were allowed this year. Even at 4:30 p.m., they still had a wide variety of cupcakes, decorated in pretty red and white sprinkles and icing. My best friend and I decided to go with the Beaver Tail Cupcake, simply because it was a special; the others were just regular flavours with coloured sprinkles. It was a cinnamon cupcake topped with a large dollop of vanilla buttercream frosting and a miniature beaver tail, all dusted with cinnamon sugar. It was sweet on sweet, but in the good way. The cake was perfectly moist and with just the right amount of cinnamon. The frosting was absolutely gorgeous. I sometimes prefer the sugary texture rather than a completely smooth one. It was very sweet with a hint of cinnamon. Finally, the piece of beaver tail on top, while defining ‘Canada,’ had gone hard. This is probably because it has been sitting around for a day. The small piece of fried dough was stale and hard to bite, without much chew. I appreciated all the cinnamon sugar, though. It tied the flavours together. I would have liked more buttercream since I just cannot seem to get enough.

I am glad I went quite late though. They were charging $2 instead of the original $3, yet there were still a ton of cupcakes left. Cake and frosting wise, I really have no complaints. Luckily, my friend agrees, so I am sure we will be popping into the shop soon enough.

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