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Cocktails for Chinese-Canadians – 大统华面包坊–T&T Bakery

on July 3, 2012

ImageJuly 2, 2012
大统华面包坊 – T&T Bakery, Richmond BC
鸡尾包 (Coconut Bun)
欧式红酒桂圆包 (Euro Walnut & Longan Bun w/ Wine)

I have to thank my aunt for these two buns. We were over at her place and Mom loves the Euro Walnut & Longan Bun w/ Wine. As she ate part of the one on the table, Auntie said she had another one in the fridge. The previous day, she had just bought two pre-packaged, discount packs and stored the buns in the fridge. I decided, why not take an extra one since it would be nice to finally try their Cocktail Bun. Image

The 鸡尾包 (Cocktail Bun), despite being refrigerated, still had a very moist outer layer that was chewy and somewhat sticky. This I liked, but the larger part of the bread was sort of dried out. It was not moist or slightly sticky, but it did have a faint, milky sweet aroma, which I appreciated. I have found another way to eat coconut. I used to hate shredded coconut, especially when it is used as a topping on something sticky such as icing. I found it distracted from the sweetness of the topping and whatever else was part of the treat, detracting from the overall appeal for me. However, in this case, for a traditional cocktail bun, the shredded coconut is mixed with sugar and either butter or margarine among other ingredients to create a coconut filling. This sort of tastes like a creamy custard filling, but drier and with a rough instead of smooth texture due to the coconut. There was a decent amount of filling, although it was off to the side and not in the centre of the bun.Image

The 欧式红酒桂圆包 (Euro Walnut & Longan Bun w/ Wine) is one of Mommy’s favourite buns from T&T Bakery. It is a relatively new product and not as traditional or common as most of their buns. It is a whole grain bun or roll with wine-soaked longan, a little, incredibly sweet, yellow fruit native to South Asia. I love it fresh or dried, as well as these wine-flavoured pieces in the bun. They are sweet with that hint of alcohol, and incredibly moist and chewy. It really adds to the texture of the bun, in addition to the walnut morsels embedded throughout the bun. I would love for the bun to have more longan and walnuts, but I guess they are pricier ingredients. I liked the flour dusting on the bun as well as the slightly moist and chewy outer layer. The inside was slightly too dry for me, but had a homey, whole-grain aroma. While I am not sure how “European” it is with the longan, it is certainly not an Asian-style bun. Honestly, it is rather just like your regular cranberry and walnut whole grain roll with wine-soaked longans instead.

T&T Bakery’s buns are definitely better when they are fresh. Then, it would be less dry than if it was left for a while or refrigerated, especially if the individual buns tend to be a little on the dry side. They are relatively quick to lose their moisture as well. However, the ingredients are either generous or at least decent. You will not find buns with barely enough filling to taste it. Even after so many posts on T&T Bakery, there are still so many more buns and variations I have never tried… so stay tuned!

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