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Black and White with a Cherry on Top – Bell’s Bake Shop

on July 5, 2012

July 4, 2012
Bell’s Bake Shop, Richmond BC
Black Forest Cupcake


Twitter has managed to be good and informative yet again. Just like on Canada Day when I knew about Bell’s Bake Shop having a booth at the Salmon Festival where I ate the delicious Beaver Tail Cupcake, through Twitter, I found out about the Black Forest Cupcake. I lucked out, with only one of these little tasty delights left when I got there at around 6:30 p.m.  A few other specials in the past few weeks were also brought to my attention via this social network, so it was only because of timing and other conflicts that I could not sample them. I always said I love Twitter for its simplicity and relevance. Sure, 140 characters limit the amount a post, or I guess in this case, a tweet, can say, but it forces you to be concise. It is also easier to read. No apps or ads or any other distractions on Twitter – only 140 characters and perhaps a photo to express yourself.

Moving on to the Black Forest Cupcake. I split it with my friend so I never did get to taste the cherry on top. It had a dark, rich colour so I am assuming that, like all the ripe cherries sold right now, it is firm yet sweet. The frosting was again nearly impeccable, and the chocolate shavings added to the visual appeal. I just love the sweetness of their buttercream. You can definitely tell it was a buttercream, but you cannot really taste the oiliness of the frosting. I love the grainy, sugary texture, and it was just dense enough to not make it too heavy or fluffy. The edges stuck to the paper cup a little around the edges since it had been sitting around for a while, but it tasted just fine. Despite the late hour, the chocolate cake was soft and moist. It was semisweet, which balanced out the frosting nicely. The cherries were all near the bottom, but there was a decent amount in each bite. I am pretty sure they were soaked in a little liquor, although I cannot be sure which kind. The cherries were very flavourful, coated in a nicely thickened syrup-like sauce. Combined with the chocolate cake, it was a little piece of black forest heaven. Traditionally, the black forest cake uses whipped cream. Since this is a cupcake, frosting was used instead, much to my delight. Frosting beats whipped cream in my book anytime.

I have yet to be disappointed by Bell’s Bake Shop. Actually, each time, I leave pretty much completely satisfied. This time, even Mom, who usually requires a lot of prodding before sampling a cupcake, voluntarily ate a couple of bites because she found it to be delicious. I am sure the semisweet cake with the cherries did the trick for her. I love these seasonal specials. The ingredients are always so fresh and top quality. You just do not get cherries like this in December!

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