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Smoothies in the Summer – McDonald’s

on July 7, 2012

ImageJuly 6, 2012
McDonald’s, Richmond BC
Freestone Peach Real Fruit Smoothie

Finally, it feels like summer in Vancouver. It should; it is July already. On a nice, sunny day like today, after being on public transport for over an hour, a cold beverage was needed. Luckily, there are plenty of McDonald’s around town. When I discovered that they do not add bananas to their smoothies, I was willing to try one – and perhaps not just one either, but all of the four flavours available in Canada right now.

To keep up with summer specials, the first flavour I opted for was the Freestone Peach Real Fruit Smoothie. Without excess sugar and made with real fruits and yogurt, I consider this to be a healthy summer drink. To me, the ingredients listed were fine, and appreciated all the real fruit purees and concentrates. The snack size, at $1.99, was smaller than I expected, but it was nice a cool, satisfying my thirst on this warm, summer evening. The slush was nice, but I would have liked a stronger peach flavour. It was a blend of different fruits, with apples and oranges and such. I was aware of that, but since the flavour was peach, I expected more peach. I love peach by itself but not necessarily blended with an array of other fruits. It was refreshing, not too sweet, with just the right amount of tartness. The texture was that of a decent smoothie. My only complaint is I want more peach.

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