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Raspberries and Lemons – Tim Hortons

on July 11, 2012

ImageJuly 10, 2012
Tim Hortons, Richmond BC
Raspberry Frozen Lemonade
Raspberry Glazed Timbit
Lemon Glazed Timbit
Apple Fritter Timbit

Another hot, sunny afternoon called for something refreshing, something cold, something sweet and sour, and something convenient. Having had McDonald’s yesterday, Mom and I decided to stop at Tim Hortons after grocery shopping. I like this particular store – the one near Lansdowne Mall – better than the one in Richmond Centre, just because it is less crowded. They have a wide variety of donuts, including Blueberry and Strawberry Bloom Donuts. For now, though, we decided to try some of their new items – a mix of raspberries and lemons, regardless of whether it is frozen lemonades or timbits.

We started off, as a remedy for the sunshine, with the new Raspberry Frozen Lemonade. Thinking pink is prettier and a berry flavour will probably taste better than plain old lemonade, I chose this over the original one. It was cool and refreshing, and quite delicious. Very slushy, it was tart and not too sweet. The artificial raspberry flavour was not too overwhelming but was definitely there. At $1 for a small, it is a quick way to cool down this summer!

Moving onto timbits, the first newly released flavour we tried was the Raspberry Glazed Timbit. The glaze was nice and sweet, something I always like. The raspberry flavour was very faint, despite the pretty pink colour, especially on the inside. I can taste some raspberry, but it was not too distinct. It was also not very sweet, so the glaze definitely gave it more sweetness and flavour. It tasted fresh, though, so I was glad about that.

ImageThe next one was the Lemon Glazed Timbit. This one had a more distinctively lemon flavour and was yellow on the inside. It was slightly more tart than the raspberry one, but I appreciated the stronger flavour. Being more sour, it matched the glaze better. This one was also evenly glazed and fresh, and in my opinion, the better of the two new timbits.

Finally, the timbit of one of my favourite donuts, I ate the Apple Fritter Timbit. Just like the donut, it was apple bits mixed with cinnamon. The yeast-based timbit was fluffy, airy, and soft. I think I prefer the denser, chewier donut in this case. I also like the flavour of the apple and cinnamon to be stronger. The timbit, although still a nice, bite-sized treat, is far from the actual donut though. I love chewiness and dense dough, as well as sweet and strong cinnamon flavours, so the donut would be my preference. However, this is the small option when one whole apple fritter might just be too big and sweet for someone.

With an array of freshly baked donuts, timbits, muffins, and cookies, in addition to their selection of soups and wraps, I am planning to frequent Timmy’s this summer, especially since this is only popular in Canada. Dunkin’ Donuts would be the equivalent, but Timmy’s definitely has that ‘distinctively Canadian – the coffee shop of the true north’ feel that Dunkin’ does not. It just puts in my mind the image of a cup of hot chocolate or coffee held in mittens on a chilly morning by the frozen pond where boys are playing hockey. That is certainly very stereotypical of the olden days of Canada, but it is a nice picture to associate with a chain restaurant. It gives it that homey sense. So simply for being from the great north, I raise my cup of Frozen Lemonade to the classic Timmy’s!

Tim Hortons (Alderbridge Way) on Urbanspoon


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