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A Morning Power-up – McDonald’s

on July 12, 2012

ImageJuly 12, 2012
McDonald’s, Richmond BC
Bacon ‘N Egg Bagel
Egg McMuffin

All day horse shows are tiring, especially those over a period of several days. To get some much needed energy in the morning but also something yummy and comforting, Mom and I decided to go to McDonald’s. We went through the drive-thru because they were one minute from opening but did not let us in. There was no way either of us could get up before 6 a.m. to make a healthy, energizing breakfast. Hey, at least there is an egg in those sandwiches!Image

I got a chance to try Mom’s Bacon ‘N Egg Bagel. She picked the whole grain option for something a little healthier. McDonald’s is clearly trying to keep up with trends; first introducing buttermilk biscuits and now bagels. I guess they are determined to make it seem less like fast food and more gourmet. The bagel was over-toasted, though. I prefer mine dense and chewy, but this one was only chewy in the centre. The outside layer was quite hard and crunchy. It did not have the lovely whole grain aroma you sometimes get with the really high quality foods. It is McDonald’s after all. The folded egg, bacon, and cheese were standard ingredients, same with the bacon McGriddles we used to eat a lot of. The bacon was nicely toasted and I did not complain about the egg. However, the cheese was just stuck on, not melted at all. That was a huge disappointment for me for this sandwich. Image

I preferred my selection of the standard Egg McMuffin. I love the chewiness of the English muffin. The dusty flour on the outside, the melted margarine on the inside, all toasted to near perfection; sometimes, the edges can get a little burnt but today’s was decent. The round egg was nicely made today, slightly undercooked, just the way I like it. The yolk still had a little bright, almost liquid yellow to it. I love runny yolks, so to find it was not completely dry and mushy was a nice surprise. The Canadian bacon was actually quite savoury and went well with the sandwich. Finally, the savoury cheese slice was melted and gooey, sticking the layers together and making the McMuffin taste that much better. It was not a particularly big sandwich, but it was definitely nicely made this morning, and in record time.Image

We were surprised to find the drive through with a voice ordering system rather than someone standing at a window. This is perhaps a lot more convenient. By the time we drove to the other side, our order was ready. Speed was definitely a plus, although it does make me wonder how long the ingredients have been sitting there, just waiting to be assembled, before we showed up. We also did not get any napkins in our bag – somebody forgot to stick a few sheets in there. Overall, while quite disappointed with the quality of the bagel sandwich, the McMuffin continues to satisfy me for a somewhat healthy, hearty, and deliciously comforting power-up breakfast.

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