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Mediterranean Meets McD’s – McDonald’s

on July 15, 2012

ImageJuly 13, 2012
McDonald’s, Vancouver BC
Mediterranean Chicken Snack Wrap

A big meal just does not cut it for lunch on a hot summer day. The sunshine calls for a light snack around noon and nothing much. With this in mind, I went into McDonald’s, remember the last time they had a chicken snack wrap promotion. Three summers ago, I got hooked on their Teriyaki Chicken Snack Wrap. The sauce was so good. I remember it clearly, along with iced coffee, as that summer’s heat was especially unbearable in that no ventilation classroom in summer school. After that, they also offered the Parmigiana Snack Wrap, which was not particularly memorable.Image

Now comes the new Mediterranean Chicken Snack Wrap. I get it with grilled chicken, as it makes for a much healthier snack, or in this case, meal. It was not very pleasing to look at when I first unwrapped it, being slightly flattened. The chicken, shredded lettuce, and other ingredients did not come close to the edge of the soft, warm tortilla. This made the first few bites bland despite the lovely tortilla, which was heated up just right. The bottom was wrapped nicely, though, without too many thick layers or tortilla. They do need more of everything inside though. When I did get to the centre of the wrap, I was not disappointed. The chicken was nice and tender. The lettuce was just… well, lettuce. I loved the feta cheese and the Mediterranean herb sauce though. The rich cheesiness went very well with the slight tanginess of the sauce. It was pretty sour but tasty and creamy, like ranch with herbs and a little bit of spices. There was enough sauce and cheese to make it possible to discern between each individual flavour, which was good. I loved the sour sauce with the warm tortilla that I might go back just for those two put together.

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