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Bacon vs. Eggs – McDonald’s

on July 16, 2012
ImageJuly 14, 2012
McDonald’s, Richmond BC
Egg LT Bagel
Bacon ‘n Egg McMuffin
The hot weekend continues and the past few days, I was in dire need of a ‘power-up’ breakfast. Early Saturday morning, we were running late, so Mom and I headed to McDonald’s again. It is just too convenient to pass up. Besides, who wants to get up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday to cook up some scrambled eggs and toast? Luckily, McDonald’s came up with not one, not two, but three different kinds of bagel sandwiches. After having tried the more traditional breakfast option of the Bacon N’ Egg Bagel, we had two other choices left, both of which have lettuce and tomatoes. I was a little surprised when I first saw the promotion. Lettuce and tomatoes for breakfast? I have never had lettuce and tomatoes for breakfast. Ever. Brunch maybe, but certainly not for breakfast. Whatever happened to the good old peanut butter and jelly?
Thinking only bacon might be a little plain and an egg more nutritious, Mom went with the Egg LT Bagel with a regular bagel instead of the multigrain she had last time. Somewhat surprisingly, the regular bagel has less calories. Again, it was toasted until it was quite hard and crunchy. I did not like the texture. A warm bagel is fine, but I like mine extremely chewy. There was no multigrain aroma this time round, but the lighter colour was certainly more pleasant. Inside was a folded egg, a slice of processed cheese, a few leaves of slightly wilted lettuce, which might have been due to the heat from the toasting, and a slice of tomato. The egg was fine, like always. This time, the cheese was melted and gooey, made the way I like. I did not like the combination of the egg and cheese with the lettuce and tomatoes, however. It seemed like a hybrid between breakfast and lunch. Having the vegetables with the protein and dairy was just kind of awkward. I do not think bagels go well with the vegetables either. This sandwich is certainly not one that I would get again, plainly due to the combination of the ingredients. You can eat lunch and breakfast items together for brunch, but combining them into the same dish or food is just not going to work – not in this way.
I stuck with the good old Bacon ‘n Egg McMuffin. This is one of my favourites from the McDonald’s breakfast menu. The English muffin is always nicely toasted with margarine. It comes out warm but nice and chewy with that dusty flour on top. Sometimes, plainer tastes are just that, nice and simple and lovely. The round egg was okay. The yolk broke and separated, but it was not overcooked and was still decent. At least it was not a blob of dryness in the middle. This is the reason why I usually substitute the round egg with scrambled eggs if I order inside. Sometimes, they will not let me do that, so I get a folded egg instead. Other times, they charge a little extra. I really wish there was a standard the restaurants should follow. If I am going to eat egg yolk, it better not be dry. The cheese was melted and lovely. These slices are the good kind of processed cheese that is not too bland. Out of the two strips of bacon, one was almost completely burnt. That was a downer and I had to take it out of the sandwich. They should really be careful not to burn the meat as it is considered cancerous. The one strip that was not burnt, however, was nice and crisp. It added a good crunch and savoury taste to the sandwich.
McDonald’s menu items are generally good for their ingredients, but I find that they often need to make sure the food is not sloppily assembled. A carefully made, or put together sandwich, will really increase the quality. No burnt meat, lopsided ingredients, sauce on one side, etc. would really help and be a huge improvement. Some McDonald’s does this better than others, but I think in general, all restaurants just need to step up their game and be a lot more consistent.

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