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Chewy, Cinnamon Lunch Sides – Tim Hortons

on July 19, 2012

ImageJuly 18, 2012
Tim Hortons, Burnaby BC
Cranberry Blueberry Bran Muffin
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
Maple Cinnamon French Toast Bagel

Once again, someone brought many paper bags of bagels and boxes of muffins into the office. For some reason or another, this time, he or she decided to leave it right outside our door, and thus, I had the pleasure of sampling some more of Tim Hortons’ delicious baked goodies. To be honest, Timmy’s actually has, in my opinion, a very large selection of freshly baked treats, from doughnuts and timbits to muffins and cookies to danishes and strudels. Plus, they offer soups, sandwiches, and a whole variety of coffees, teas, and other beverages. They have certainly expanded their menu over the years and now, it is so hard walking into Timmy’s and picking out what I want because the choices are just endless. I guess there is some good in having limited options, though, because it was not too difficult selecting what I wanted from the stash sitting just outside the office.

For a snack, I first picked out a Cranberry Blueberry Bran Muffin. It was still quite moist and soft, with the texture being quite nice despite being day-old. The top was not a crisp as I would like, but I am not going to complain too much. The taste was right on, though. The sweet blueberry aroma paired nicely with the slightly more tangy cranberries, both of which were plenty and mixed into the bran muffin base. It was darker in colour because of the bran, and the texture is a lot grittier. However, it makes it more fun to chew all those bran bits in the muffin and makes me feel not as guilty since I am eating a healthier grain despite the muffin. It is quite sweet but not overly buttery. The fruits make all the difference. I still cannot finish the whole muffin, but I think not having the fruits would make it even more impossible. I also love it when the texture is consistent throughout the muffin and that the edges are not much harder than the inside. The moisture was there so it was a yummy treat for me!Image

For lunch, since I brought a salad, I thought a bagel would be a nice accompaniment. Quite a few were left of the Cinnamon Raisin Bagel so I took one. However, it was extremely hard, like it was baked two days ago, toasted, and left out in the open until it was super dry and hard. Only a very little part in the centre was still slightly soft and chewy. I am sure this is because it is not freshly made. With it being fresher, and having the nice, dense, chewy texture a bagel should have, it would have been good. The flavour was great, though. The raisins were plentiful, plump, sweet, and juicy. The cinnamon was quite distinct but did not overwhelm the bagel or the raisins. Rather, I liked the full but not conflicting taste. Image

Since my first bagel was so hard, I did not finish more than a few bites. Thus, I decided to get another one: the Maple Cinnamon French Toast Bagel. This was surprisingly good, especially since I had my doubts at first, considering how I did not know what it was until I ate it and checked it up on the internet. The cinnamon sugar coating on top is SO GOOD. It was sweet with a very distinct cinnamon spice and the texture was crumbly but still sticky. This bagel, even though it is also day-old, was still chewy and had the freshly baked texture. I love chewing on a good bagel. The swirls of cinnamon, maple, and french toast flavours inside the bagel were delicious as well. Three different kinds of sweet all mixed into one is amazingly delicious. Nothing contradicted another level of sweetness and the ingredients just all blended into a ring of chewy, sugary goodness!

I have actually never bought my own muffin or bagel in any Timmy’s restaurant before, so I really appreciate these chances to sample some of them. They are usually still quite fresh after just one day so not too much quality is being sacrificed here. Sadly, there are no doughnuts for me to try at the office, but for now, muffins and bagels will be just fine. 


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