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Korea’s Take on Chocolate Cake – H-Mart

on July 22, 2012

ImageJuly 21, 2012
H-Mart, Richmond BC
Choco Cake

H-Mart has some seriously good deals. Not only do they discount their bakery buns to $1 after 6 p.m., whatever they do not sell gets packaged into threes and sold for $1.99. On this particular visit, Mom picked up a pack of these lovely day-olds, including a regular Soboru and a Red Bean Soboru, the two Korean pineapple buns. The Red Bean Soboru is one of my favourites, with a regular price of $1.80. Now it is only $0.67, which is such a good deal!

The one item I have not yet tried was the Choco Cake, a chocolate cupcake in an oval shape with chopped walnuts. The cake was still very moist, soft, and fluffy, despite being a day old. It is amazing how these manage to stay fresh, but it is not like I would have eaten them the day of even if I bought it after it was baked. The chocolate cake’s texture was great, with a slight crunch from the walnuts that also added a nutty aroma. The cocoa flavour was not very sweet or very oily. I could definitely use sweeter chocolate, but considering it is an Asian-style cake, the sweetness level was good. For a chocolate cake, it was an extremely light dessert.


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