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Blue and Grey – Bell’s Bake Shop

on July 27, 2012

ImageJuly 27, 2012
Bell’s Bake Shop, Richmond BC
Blueberry Cupcake with Earl Grey Buttercream

The celebration for National Blueberry Month continues with the Blueberry Cupcake with Earl Grey Buttercream from Bell’s Bake Shop. One of the best things about summer is all of the sweet and ripe blueberries among an array of other fruits. July just happens to be celebrating blueberries.

This Blueberry Cupcake with Earl Grey Buttercream serves as a sweet afternoon snack for a summer day. It is not your refreshing and cold beverage for the times spent under the burning sun. Instead, it has a soft but quite dense and sweet cake base with mixed in blueberries. It is not as fluffy as most of their cupcakes that I have had in the past. I think this one was made the day before, as there were only four left when I went in around late morning. Despite the fact that the outside of the cake was starting to get the slightest bit dry, the inside was still soft and moist. The blueberry aroma was quite strong, as was the earl grey in the buttercream, which is again sugary and very sweet. It is not oily, but just the gritty sugary kind of frosting. There was a good ratio, about half frosting and half cake. It was sweet on sweet but not the rich, overwhelming kind. On top was an orange flower made of hard candy and with a slight orange tang. I am not sure how this goes well with the blueberry and the earl grey but it was sure pretty to look at!

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