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Mini Rings of Sugary Goodness – Outpost Mini Donut Company

on August 1, 2012

ImageJuly 31, 2012
Outpost Mini Donut Company, Richmond BC
Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donut

Chocolate Icing w/ Sprinkles Mini Donut
Maple Icing w/ Sprinkles Mini Donut
Powdered Sugar Mini Donut

Vanilla Icing w/ Sprinkles Mini Donut
Blueberry Icing w/ Sprinkles Mini Donut
Coconut Mini Donut

Lemon Icing w/ Sprinkles Mini Donut

Coupons can be restricting sometimes with their tight expiration dates. However, they are great when you are planning to buy the thing anyways so it is always nicer to have an extra discount. This is exactly the case with Outpost Mini Donut Company and me; I would have gotten some of those delicious little devils sometime this summer so I made sure to get that 10%.

ImageThe first flavour to try was of course the Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donut. This is the traditional flavour and undoubtedly my favourite out of the eight varieties available on this sunny afternoon. The cinnamon was nice mixed in with the crunchy sugar. Due to the need to have the sugar stick, this donut was freshly made. However, the oil was not very fresh and the donut did not come out in a very light yellow shade. The cinnamon sugar made up for it though!

ImageUp next was the Chocolate Icing w/ Sprinkles Mini Donut, which was not made fresh but still very good. Even without the warm dough, the chocolate was nice and sweet, with a slightly hardened outside layer and a gooey inside. The sprinkles added to the sweetness and I appreciated that it was a milk chocolate.Image

The Maple Icing w/ Sprinkles Mini Donut was another favourite of mine. Perfectly sweet of maple goodness, it had a nice aroma that comes from the maple instead of straight sugar. The yellow icing kind of blended with the dough but the sprinkles made it shine.Image

The Powdered Sugar Mini Donut was just that – powdered sugar covering a freshly fried mini donut. It gave it sweetness but was not overwhelming since the texture was one that covered and stuck to the inside of your mouth. The donut was soft and this reminded me the most of a timbit.Image

I did not like the Vanilla Icing w/ Sprinkles Mini Donut, the last of the five flavours that are always available. It had a very strong artificial vanilla flavour, and not just vanilla extract, but the vanilla flavour that tastes incredibly fake. The sprinkles helped a little but were unsuccessful in hiding the artificial taste.

ImageThe Blueberry Icing w/ Sprinkles Mini Donut was distinctly blueberry. A seasonal flavour, it was a perfect blend of sweet icing and sprinkles with the tartness of the blueberries. The purple tint of the icing was also very pleasant and the smell of the blueberry was very refreshing as well.Image

The Coconut Mini Donut was also one that I did not enjoy. The taste of coconuts was incredibly strong with a heavy artificial flavour. The blue was nice but obviously included lots of food colouring. The coconut shreds on top added a texture that did not go well with a soft and chewy donut bite. It also was not really a ring but just a dollop of dough.

ImageThe Lemon Icing w/ Sprinkles Mini Donut was perhaps the tangiest and refreshing of the bunch, being lemon I guess. It was pretty and yellow, and tasted strongly of lemon. I am not sure if it was completely all from fresh lemons, but artificial lemon flavouring tastes a lot like the real thing so it does not matter much. The sprinkles added the needed sweetness to tie it together with the donut dough.

I loved the inside of the store with their traditional furnishings and comforting, olden days style. We also got some doubles because they sell them in cones that come in half a dozen or a farmer’s dozen (13) and these donuts are not cheap considering their size. We selected the farmer’s dozen for $6.25 since I wanted to try all the flavours. For someone looking for a variety of sweet bites that are also quite unique, I would certainly recommend these mini bites of deliciousness. Since they do not sell individual ones, I would probably not come back anytime soon as there are too much to try around Steveston to begin with. However, for mini donuts, this place does an outstanding job!

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