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Marvelously Mocha – Bell’s Bake Shop

on August 2, 2012

ImageAugust 1, 2012
Bell’s Bake Shop, Richmond BC
Mocha Cupcake


A trip down to beautiful little Steveston on a sunny afternoon ended not the way I expected. Originally hoping to catch a glimpse of the filming of Once Upon A Time and then getting a Raspberry Lemon Loaf from Starbucks, I went home empty handed, just to grab some change and head out on my bike back to Steveston yet again. Why? I had spotted two remaining Mocha Cupcakes at Bell’s Bake Shop and upon inquiry of the flavour was told they had used some leftover buttercream from a custom order. That meant they would not have this in subsequent days and I just had to indulge.

The Mocha Cupcake was absolutely delicious. The chocolate cake was lightly sweetened, moist, soft, and fluffy. The chocolate and coffee flavoured mocha buttercream, topped with a coffee bean, was very sweet with an incredibly strong coffee flavour. I just love it when the coffee is apparent and almost overwhelming. The sweetness level was perfect for me and they sure did not take it easy with the sugar. The buttercream was on the liquid side, though, and the outside layer had hardened into a delicate crisp. The inside, especially in this hot weather, was kind of gooey and melted. It was slightly cracked on top and the frosting had a difficult time holding its shape. A little drier would have been a much better quality for a buttercream and this one was just a little on the runny side. However, the flavour was not jeopardized and once it was in my mouth, I had absolutely no complaints.

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