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Smarties Under the Sun – McDonald’s

on August 6, 2012

ImageAugust 4, 2012
McDonald’s, Whistler BC
Smarties McFlurry


It was burning hot by the time we got to Whistler and after much walking around and ducking under the shade whenever possible, we decided it was time to cool off in McDonald’s, which just happens to be located on the very end of the village. I got the Smarties McFlurry because, along with Rolo, it is one of the flavours I have not had yet this summer. It did not have any sauces to go with the chocolate bits, just the crushed Smarties mixed into vanilla soft serve. Therefore, it was not too sweet. The vanilla soft serve is as good as it ever was but I wanted bigger pieces of Smarties for more of a crunch. These bits were tiny and there clearly was not enough swirled in for it to offer substantial texture contrast. However, it was cold, creamy, and sweet, making it yet another delicious treat to cool off on this incredibly hot afternoon.


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