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Blueberry Muffin = Best Muffin – McDonald’s

on August 9, 2012

ImageAugust 7, 2012
McDonald’s, Burnaby BC
Blueberry Muffin


Yes, I am well aware that National Blueberry Month was July and so I missed it for just a few short days. I admit, I was planning to get the Blueberry Muffin from McDonald’s for quite a while, especially in honour of this fruit month. However, not until someone brought it in to the office did I finally get to try it yet again. It has been my favourite muffin since the beginning, and I have not found anything better. Despite this one having a moist and soft top, it usually comes with a crisp shell that is just slightly sweeter than the inside. It just had a very sweet but aromatic blueberry flavour in addition to the sweet muffin base. It was soft as a good muffin should be and the berries were plentiful. I just love the sweetness that this muffin has, not overwhelmingly rich but not at all bland. The blueberry flavour seems almost artificial yet it is just wonderful!


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