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Chicken, Chipotle, and Caesar – McDonald’s

on August 17, 2012

ImageAugust 15, 2012
McDonald’s, Victoria BC
McBistro Southwest Chicken
Mighty Caesar Salad
Chipotle BBQ Chicken Snack Wrap

We took my cousin’s family over to Vancouver Island to show them Victoria and Butchart Gardens. For lunch, we decided cheap fast food was the way to go. Surprisingly, our McDonald’s bill came to over $43! This included a McBistro meal, a Smoky BBQ Bacon Angus meal and extra sandwich, two salads, and a snack wrap. I guess McDonald’s is no longer exactly cheap. The restaurant was also not the best, with carelessness evident in some of the food and not the cleanest facilities.ImageImage

I tried Dad’s McBistro Southwest Chicken, which we ordered with grilled chicken. The chicken portion was large and perfectly tender. The whole grain bun was toasty and soft; the bottom half covered in the melted, gooey jalapeno Monterey Jack cheese. The lettuce and tomatoes were refreshing but the Southwest sauce was quite bland. Its orange colour would suggest more of a spicier and tangy kick, but it was only slightly creamy with some tang and barely any spiciness. The cheese actually had decent flavour so if the sauce was better, the sandwich would have been a lot more delicious.

I ordered my Mighty Caesar Salad without chicken, unaware that it was supposed to have a Parmesan Caesar glaze. The lady taking my order told me there was no glaze on the chicken, which is why I went without it. Clearly, the workers are a little clueless. The shaved Parmesan cheese and crispy bacon bits were good. The croutons were also crunchy and nicely seasoned, although some pieces were a little small and slightly burned. The lettuce was crisp and refreshing and the light Caesar dressing was creamy and tangy.

Finally, the Chipotle BBQ Chicken Snack Wrap was wrapped in a soft, warm tortilla. The tortilla cannot be screwed up, and thus tasted quite nice. The lettuce shreds were coated in the chipotle BBQ sauce, which was sweet, tangy, and with a nice and light spicy kick. The tasty sauce also coated the chicken but the chicken portion had a part that was just too fatty. Most of the lean meat was tender and juicy, but the fatty parts were just not as appetizing. At least the sauce made it a decent snack wrap.Image

Quality at McDonald’s really depends on the care given to the preparation and especially assembly of the food. The ingredients are usually good when the right amount is used and cooked nicely. This did not apply to the restaurant near downtown Victoria and when fast food is no longer dirt cheap, I expect more consistency in quality all around. Image

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