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Cinnamon, Cherry, and Chili – McDonald’s

on August 20, 2012

ImageAugust 18, 2012
McDonald’s, Bellingham WA
Cinnamon Sugar Gourmet Twists Topped Soft Pretzel
Cherry Berry Chiller
Sweet Chili Sauce

This was literally the first McDonald’s that I have seen selling soft pretzels, so being adventurous, I decided I needed to get a Cinnamon Sugar Gourmet Twists Topped Soft Pretzels. It was freshly toasted, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, and came out piping hot with some butter melted on the outside. It was slightly too oily with all the butter but the mix of savoury butter with the sweet cinnamon sugar was pretty good. I could have used more of the cinnamon sugar, though, just because it was not overwhelming enough. The soft pretzel itself was chewy and, well, soft. The texture was certainly tough enough for a pretzel and it was quite large for $1.99. These are from the Gourmet Twists brand, but I think it is cool for McDonald’s to be serving these.

ImageThe Cherry Berry Chiller was good but not great. One of the limited-time offers this summer, it was a refreshing drink with the cherry and berry slush. The sweet and tart were nicely mixed. I love the berry flavour but the cherry taste did not appeal to me. It tasted too artificial, and an artificial cherry flavour is one of the only tastes that disturbs my palate. It was certainly a bit overwhelming, but I guess it was sort of expected. At least the slush was nicely blended.

Finally, I tried the Sweet Chili Sauce when Mom wanted to get the Spicy Chicken McBites again. The sauce was actually quite spicy with a lovely, sweet chili kick. It was sweet and tangy, and I had pretty much nothing to complain about. The texture was fine and the flavour was strong yet not too overwhelming. I would dip pretty much anything into this sauce and I appreciate that McDonald’s is now serving Asian-style sauces.

McDonald’s in Walmart stores is quite convenient for many shoppers. Both are cheap while maintaing an acceptable, decent quality. If that also means special menu items like the soft pretzels, then by all means, keep the two together.ImageImage

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