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1st Rate Date Paste – 金都饼店–Kam Do Bakery

on August 25, 2012

ImageAugust 23, 2012
金都饼店 – Kam Do Bakery, Richmond BC
黑枣蓉酥 (Date Paste Cake)
核桃枣泥酥 (Date Paste w/ Walnut)
蛋黄莲蓉酥 (Lotus Seed w/ Salted Egg)

I picked up a box of pastries to being to the office the next day since Kam Do Bakery’s red box and packaging looks quite nice and presentable. Unable to resist, I got a few for myself. The rows of pastries looked fresh and inviting, or the filling sounded yummy since I do not like pastry dough.Image

The 黑枣蓉酥 (Date Paste Cake) was delicious. For those who like the traditional pastry dough, it was flaky, slightly greased, and very fresh. The layers were thin an crumbled easily. The filling was made from black jujubes, with a slight smoky aroma. Although called dates, they are actually different from the long skinny kind, which can sometimes be confusing. It was sweet but not too much, mostly from the jujubes rather than added sugar. It was smooth and dense with just the right amount of moisture to ensure the pastry was not incredibly dry. I love black jujubes so this tasted delicious to me. Image

The 核桃枣泥酥 (Date Paste w/ Walnut) had less of a smoky flavour. I think it had mostly regular jujubes rather than the black smoky type. The texture was again perfectly smooth and with the right amount of sweetness from the jujubes. The chopped walnuts were scattered throughout, offering a good crunch. I could have used more nuts though. The pastry shell was flaky and fresh as well.Image

Finally, I tried the 蛋黄莲蓉酥 (Lotus Seed w/ Salted Egg). This is like the traditional mooncake filling with a pastry exterior. The white lotus paste did not have much lotus taste to it but it was quite sweet and smooth. It was also quite dense and hard, which made it chewable and good. The salted egg yolk had a nice savoury flavour but it was rather small. At least there was quite a lot of the lotus paste. I wish I could just eat the filing by itself, though most people would prefer the flaky shell to offset the sweetness.

I would get these classic pastries once in a while just because I am craving the filling. The quality is good and it should be for $1.30 a piece. The layered pastry dough I can do without but the fillings are just so tasty!ImageImage

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