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Spicier Than Curry – 真の味-Top Wok Dim Sum

on August 27, 2012

ImageAugust 25, 2012
真の味 – Top Wok Dim Sum, Richmond BC
咖喱鱼蛋 (Curry Fish Ball)
超辣咖喱鱼蛋 (Super Spicy Curry Fish Ball)


Despite being full of Japanese izakaya food from Guu Richmond, after walking around the Summer Night Market for an hour, Jessica decided to get some food as the stalls just looked to tempting. If only we had not had dinner, I would have tried everything from the hurricane potatoes and dim sum to chow mein and barbeque to mango desserts and wheel cakes.

The 咖喱鱼蛋 (Curry Fish Ball) were mildly spicy but I found the curry flavour to be lacking. It was more of a chili spice rather than a mix of various spices found in curries. The fish balls were succulent, juicy, and tender, though. They did not soak up too much flavour, however, so they depended a lot of the sauce on the outside. They were very small, too.

The 超辣咖喱鱼蛋 (Super Spicy Curry Fish Ball) were a lot spicier. The brown sauce would not suggest that, but the spiciness lingered on my lips and tongue for quite a while. Again, the spice overshadowed the curry flavour. The fish balls were still soft and cooked just right. Their slight fishiness and sweetness contrasted the spiciness.

At six for $3, it was actually quite expensive compared to food courts where the quality is roughly the same. Who said night markets were cheap? I find them to just offer a wide variety and you can get any type of snacks within two rows of food vendors rather than travelling all over town. Convenience and the crowded, lively atmosphere are sometimes a lot more important than prices, I guess.

Summer Night Market 夏日夜市 on Urbanspoon


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