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Crazy for Caramel – McDonald’s

on August 30, 2012

ImageAugust 28, 2012
McDonald’s, Richmond BC
Caramel Baked Pie
Caramel Hot Chocolate
Strawberry Vanilla Slim Sensations Muffin

With only a few days left and McDonald’s just releasing their new specials and coupons for the fall, I had to go the first chance I got. This is probably the fastest I have ever tried limited time offers, on the second day they came out. Luckily, the two McDonald’s I went to not only had the new items, but a few of the old ones too that would disappear all around within the week.Image

The most tantalizing for me was the Caramel Baked Pie. I love sweet foods and I love caramel. Seriously, I think this thick, sugary item should get a prize for being so lovely when matched with any dessert. The pie was freshly baked and quite hot when I got it. It was slightly burnt on one end but it was nothing major. The size was decent, unlike some I have had in the US. Inside the flaky, but not very sweet, crust, was a warm, thick, gooey layer of caramel. It was sticky and overwhelmingly sweet. For many, I would assume this is way too sweet of a treat, even for McDonald’s. For me, I loved it.Image

With the new caramel products came the Caramel Hot Chocolate, another sweet on sweet combination. Their regular hot chocolate is quite sweet with a strong cocoa flavour and not at all watered down, which is my favourite kind. On top of the frothy foam, they added caramel drizzle, which eventually melted into the drink. I could taste that caramel, different from the chocolate, but together, it was sugary and warming.

I had to go to another restaurant just to get the Strawberry Vanilla Slim Sensations Muffin. All summer, I have postponed getting this, but since it is about to disappear, I had to give it my last bit of effort. Luckily, the other McDonald’s nearby still had five left. It was baked in an odd shape, without the overflowing muffin edge, which made it smaller than the other muffins. The texture was moist but a little denser than usual, and the edges were slightly hardened. I would have wanted a crisp top, but that did not really happen; part of the top was moist and part of it was slightly drier but not exactly crisp. The flavour was that of artificial strawberries and vanilla, which was not too sweet. There were a few tiny bits of strawberries scattered throughout the muffin but I could not really taste them. It was decent, but not the most amazing muffin ever.Image

With the new coupons available online and including one for a free, small hot McCafé beverage, I will be trying a lot of espresso drinks over the next few days. It seems kind of perfect that it just happens to be really chilly recently. A nice cup of mocha or latte will really be nice!

McDonald's (Blundell Centre) on Urbanspoon
McDonald's on Urbanspoon


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