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Legacy of the Mandarin Duck (a.k.a. Yuanyang) – 京士柏扒房餐厅-Kingspark Steak House

on September 1, 2012

ImageAugust 29, 201
京士柏扒房餐厅 – Kingspark Steak House, Richmond BC
港式鸳鸯 (Hong Kong Style Mixed Tea and Coffee)
罗宋汤 (Russian Borsch)
滑蛋虾仁炒河 (Sauteed Shrimp and Eggs with Rice Noodles)
焗鸳鸯饭 (Baked Shrimp and Shredded Chicken on Rice with Tomato and Cream Sauce)

Without planning on it, Chris and Amanda invited me out for lunch to meet one last time before school started. It was just coincidence that they picked the exact same place as one year ago with the three of us out for lunch, a nice and clean Hong Kong-style café named Kingspark Steak House. It is another popular café in Richmond and their menu was quite extensive.

I started out with the 港式鸳鸯 (Hong Kong Style Mixed Tea and Coffee), which came free with our entrées. They charge extra for cold drinks so I just went with a cup of hot beverage. It came unsweetened, which I prefer, so I can sweeten it to my own taste. I liked the blend of coffee and tea, thinking of it as a little bit of the best of both worlds.Image

For an additional $1, Chris ordered a 罗宋汤 (Russian Borsch). It was slightly watered down but the colour remained a vibrant red with a pretty strong tomato taste in the soup base. The pieces of beef were slightly on the fat side, at least the piece that I got was. I liked the cabbage, though, as they were soft and flavourful. The soup was quite refreshing but it was also very standard for such a restaurant.

For our first entrée, we got the 滑蛋虾仁炒河 (Sauteed Shrimp and Eggs with Rice Noodles). I loved the scallions and the scrambled eggs on top. It had quite a liquid base and was barely firm so it was rather slippery and light. I really do not like overcooked eggs but these were soft and almost soupy. The green onions brought out a nice aroma. The prawns seemed like frozen tiger prawns but they were cooked to tender perfection. They were very ‘bouncy’ and firm, not overcooked at all. I had trouble with the rice noodles, though. They were not as wide as usual, which was fine. However, besides the strands lying directly underneath the eggs, they were clotting together and quite bland. It is understandable that they would stick to each other, but I really wished there was more of the egg and soupy mixture to cover all of the rice noodles. Clumps of unflavoured rice noodles are just not great.Image

Finally, we also decided on the 焗鸳鸯饭 (Baked Shrimp and Shredded Chicken on Rice with Tomato and Cream Sauce). Again, the shrimp, or rather prawns, were juicy and tender with a great chewiness to them. The chicken, on the other hand, was shredded and very dry. It did not soak up any flavour so all the taste came from the sauce on the outside. The tomato sauce I found to be a little bland. It had chunks of almost tasteless tomatoes; perhaps they are just not in season. I would have preferred even a stronger ketchup taste to it, though. Not saying it was watered down, but I definitely wanted more flavour. The cream sauce was quite good. The richness was not overwhelming and it was also quite thick. The thin layer of baked melted cheese on top added another layer of richness. This was the kind of cream sauce that would not make you sick if you had too much, so while it was rich and flavourful, it was also quite light and not overly greasy. The rice on the bottom was actually eggs and fried rice, which is certainly better than plain rice. It was not too soggy, although some parts could have been dryer. Though, that could also be from the sauce. I also needed more sauce in general since there were a lot of rice and neither sauce was salty or very strongly flavoured.Image

The food overall was quite average, but the place is brightly lit and clean, making it a great place to talk. The service was decent enough, although they were quite slow on the drinks. Each of our entrées was $8.99 so the portions were quite generous. I would stick with the most generic dishes, but it is certainly a nice café to hang out with friends.

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