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Flavourful Petites – Starbucks

on September 2, 2012

ImageAugust 30, 2012
Starbucks, Richmond BC
Birthday Cake Pop
Salted Caramel Sweet Square

Before I left, I just had to make one last effort to find a cupcake at Starbucks. Upon asking about it at Richmond Centre, though, the barista told me they had stopped receiving it about a month ago and it was probably no longer being made; I should have gotten it in May or June when I had the chance! Not wanting to lose the opportunity to try some of the other original petites, I got myself a late night snack: two petites for $3.

The first was the Birthday Cake Pop. I had tried this when it first came out well over a year ago. I love the pretty pink chocolate shell, which tasted much like white chocolate and thus my favourite kind. The vanilla cake filling was dense and moist, almost smooth in texture. It is certainly an acquired taste but I love anything moist, sticky, and sweet. Most cakes are my friends and this was no exception. The sprinkles on top added a nice crunch to the moist centre and sweet on sweet made for a very… sweet dessert.Image

The Salted Caramel Sweet Square is another original but I have never tried it. It was just a small version of a bar. The top was a mix of chocolate fudge and salted caramel swirls, both very sticky and sweet. The middle layer was pretzel pieces stuck together with caramel that was stickier and denser than the swirls on top. Finally, there was a salty, crumbly, and slightly buttery shortbread crust on the bottom. The blend of savoury and sweet was nice and subtle as I could not taste exactly where the saltiness came from but it was certainly there. The treat was very sticky and hard to bite and chew, sticking to my teeth. However, that is also the nice thing about bars. I could have done with less of the shortbread layer, or have it also have some sweetness to it. Overall, though, it was a good bite of sweet and savoury.

I have never been disappointed with Starbucks food and I Imagedo not think I will be anytime soon. They manage to keep the items fresh even if they are not made on premise. However, I prefer that so I know the quality is quite consistent and each store has the same goodies.

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