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Frothy and Sweet – McDonald’s

on September 2, 2012

ImageAugust 30, 2012
McDonald’s, Richmond BC
Deluxe Hot Chocolate
Sugar Free Vanilla Cappuccino

Again, two different cups of hot beverages for free with printed coupons at two different McDonald’s in Richmond. I wish these were available sooner so I have more time to use them and try out a good chunk of their McCafé menu.

At the Blundell McDonald’s, I got a small cup of Deluxe Hot Chocolate. So pleased was I with the cup of Caramel Hot Chocolate the other day, I just had to compare it to the regular version and see how much difference the caramel makes. The result? Quite a bit. The hot chocolate was very sweet and very good. I love how the hot drink contrasts with the cold whip cream on top. I also like that the whip cream is sweet and thus not bland and greasy; this was whip cream I approve of. Without the caramel, however, there was no third layer of sweetness and I missed the extra richness the drizzle added to the drink, especially when it was melted and everything blended together. It was still a good, tasty, and extremely satisfyingly sweet hot drink. What can I say… the sweeter, the better.

ImageDespite the rise in temperature and exercising, I decided to get a cup of Sugar Free Vanilla Cappuccino from the McDonald’s in Ironwood Plaza. It was steamed nicely and had a nice layer of foam that was not extremely dry. The sugar-free vanilla syrup added a nice touch of sweetness to the drink and the skim milk made the drink not overly rich and thus acceptable in hotter weather. It had a nice and mild taste with a smooth texture. I am not sure I prefer this to Starbucks or other place’s cappuccino, since it is $2.59 for regular price. However, it was one of the better espresso drinks I have had from McDonald’s.


McDonald's (Blundell Centre) on Urbanspoon
McDonald's (Ironwood Plaza) on Urbanspoon


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