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Broken-down in Brooklyn – McDonald’s

on September 4, 2012

ImageSeptember 2, 2012
McDonald’s, Brooklyn NY
Southern Style Chicken Sandwich
Ranch Snack Wrap
Honey Mustard Snack Wrap
Chipotle BBQ Sauce

After a morning of sleeping in, traffic, and checking in at a hotel with horrible service, we were starving. However, it was already 3 p.m. so we decided something light just to tie us over until dinner would suffice. Thankfully, the breakfast at our previous hotel was delicious, with self-serve breakfast sandwiches. It had the most amazing cheese baked in an egg omelet, but let me move onto McDonald’s, this time in a very sketchy part of Brooklyn.Image

I have never had the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich and was surprised to see nothing but a plain bun, a crispy chicken fillet, and a slice of pickle. At least the bun was toasted and slightly sweet, which is why I am okay with McDonald’s burger buns. The chicken was overcooked and dry in the middle. Although there was a decent layer of batter, and it was not soggy, it was certainly cooked quite a while ago in bad quality oil. The colour was just darker than it should be. The slice of crinkled pickle looked lonely in the middle; the whole sandwich was just sad.Image

The Ranch Snack Wrap was slightly better. The grilled chicken was still a little overdone and tough, and had also been sitting there for a while. However, at least this was grilled. The lettuce and ranch sauce was quite generic but it was a good portion size. The tortilla was warm and soft, with the nice flour aroma. It is nearly impossible to screw up toasting a tortilla, though, so that is not saying much.

ImageThe Honey Mustard Snack Wrap was similar to the ranch one besi
des the fact that it lacked a little quantity in the ingredients. I would have preferred some more lettuce and sauce. However, I liked that the honey mustard was not too strong in flavour. The honey definitely made it milder and sweeter, which made it acceptable for me. The wrap looked slightly wimpy as it was not stuffed. I really wished McDonald’s would make them bigger, even if they just put in more shredded lettuce.Image

To go with more Spicy Chicken McBites, I opted for the Chipotle BBQ Sauce this time. I loved the smoky, spiced barbeque flavour. It was rich, sweet, with a nice hint of chipotle. The flavour was not overpowering nor exactly super bold, but it was decent and very comforting while still keeping it interesting.

I disliked how the McDonald’s did not even have serving plates and did not offer refills. We even had to ask for napkins. What kind of service is that? Clearly, the district matters when it comes to restaurant quality. Even if the food is standardized, the execution is obviously not.Image


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