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Specialty and Specials – 生记-Sang Kee Noodle House

on September 7, 2012

ImageSeptember 3, 2012
生记 – Sang Kee Noodle House, Philadelphia PA
麻辣水煮豆腐鱼块 (Boiled Flounder Fillet and Tofu in Szechuan Sauce)
韩式烤牛肉饭 (Bulgogi Rice) 
本楼面 (House Special Egg Noodle Soup w. Veg.)

After finally checking in to my new dorm – I am very pleased with my new large room – we headed to Sang Kee Noodle House for dinner. I am so close to it this year it will become my go-to place for dinner. After all, the prices are reasonable and the menu extensive but not ridiculous. This, Kiwi, and Cosi are shaping up to be my most frequented eateries for sure.

As part of the start of the school year special menu, the 麻辣水煮豆腐鱼块 (Boiled Flounder Fillet and Tofu in Szechuan Sauce) was a must-try for me. At $12, there were plenty of fish and tofu in the dish. The portion was average but there were not any filler vegetables. The fish fillet slices were soft and tender but holding their shape. The tofu were really tender. The sauce and chili oil – this is always an oily dish but the fish and tofu made it lighter – was flavorful and spicy but not extremely hot. I could have easily gone for a spicier dish but at least it was clearly red chili oil and had a decent amount of heat.Image

Another special was the 韩式烤牛肉饭 (Bulgogi Rice). There was a lot of rice, which does not say much. It is National Rice Month, though, so perhaps it is not a bad idea. The beef and kimchi were also quite generous although not exactly outrageously huge. The beef was delicious, grilled to perfection so that the meat was tender and just slightly chewy. It soaked up much of the sweet barbecue sauce and, with the sweet onions, tasted amazing. The kimchi was spicy and sour, although not as fresh as I would have liked. It was flavourful, though, and these three put together is always a good combination.Image

Having never tried it but expecting it to be good, we got the 本楼面 (House Special Egg Noodle Soup w. Veg.). The bowl of noodles was huge. It was slightly undercooked and came in a huge piece like instant noodles. I liked how the thin noodles became soft yet al dente as they soaked up the soup. The soup was also wry flavourful, fresh and slightly sweet. The scallion bits made it better. The vegetables, which included mini corn, water chestnuts, straw mushrooms, gai lan, carrots, and snap peas, we’re refreshing. The BBQ pork was tender yet chewy and sweetened perfectly. I love good Asian BBQ pork. The slices of chicken breast meat were a little dry and tough, as well as bland. However, the shrimp were succulent and bouncy. The wonton, although slightly undercooked, were amazing! The wrappers were slightly savoury and al dente. The pork and shrimp filling was incredibly flavourful I think they probably used MSG. I loved the light sweetness though. This dish was simple but its many ingredients were delightfully refreshing and light.

Sang Kee certainly caters to the students in the vicinity with decent prices and not overly large portions. As long as the quality remains good and prices reasonable, students, myself included, will continue to visit.

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