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Welcome Back, Insomnia! – Insomnia Cookies

on September 10, 2012

ImageSeptember 4, 2012
Insomnia Cookies, Philadelphia PA
Peanut Butter Cookie
Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Sugar Cookie
Snickerdoodle Cookie
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie

As a welcome to the college house, we celebrated with the best cookies on campus – one of the best ever in my opinion – Insomnia Cookies. Aptly named, the cookies drew lots of students to attend the welcome meeting. Luckily, they had plenty of leftovers so that I got to try one of each flavour they had ordered. All of the cookies were warm and soft, perfectly chewy and moist and easily bendable. These were slightly under-baked, just the way I like them, so that they are still a little sticky with a lot of moisture. The texture of each of these was absolutely perfect!Image

One of my favourite types of cookies ever is the Peanut Butter Cookie. This one had peanut butter dough with peanut butter chips swirled into it. I love the chips; they are peanut-y as well as crunchy and creamy, just like a good chocolate chip with a salty flavour. It was great pleasure to find the cookie had plenty of peanut butter chips in them, about half of the cookie. This was a great blend of sweet and savoury!

The Chocolate Chunk Cookie was quite ordinary, with basic cookie dough and large, semisweet chocolate chunks. The chocolate was melted and gooey on the inside and went really nicely with the moist and soft cookie. It was not overly sweet but still quite sugary. After all, it is chocolate and cookie together.Image

The Sugar Cookie was surprisingly tasty. It was soft and moist, but most importantly, it was sweet and simple. The cookie dough was quite plain but with good texture and a decently sweetened taste. The sugar topping was even simpler but the entire cookie was quite harmonious. It was definitely one of the sweeter ones but that meant that I loved it.

The Snickerdoodle Cookie was not as good as I imagined. I love cinnamon sugar, but this had the strange, artificial almond taste, something I do not really appreciate. Just cinnamon and sugar would have been so much better. It was thin yet still very soft and dense so the texture was right on. The sweetness level was average so it was not overly sweet or bland. However, I just found that I did not like the artificial almond flavour.Image

The Oatmeal Raisin Cookie had lots of oats rolled into it, as well as large, plump raisins. The raisins were sweet and provided a contrasting texture to the coarse oats. The cookie was not too sweet but had a slight tartness from the raisins. This cookie may be common, but it is hard to make is so soft with so much oats in the dough. Insomnia Cookies rose to that challenge, though.

ImageFinally, the Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie was nowhere near as sweet as I thought it would be. Not only were the chocolate chunks semisweet, the dough was as well. Instead of the sweet regular dough, it was semisweet chocolate cookie dough. It was still soft but not as moist as the other ones. However, it was still chewy and comprised half of chocolate chunks.Image

With such warm, soft, sweet, and chewy cookies, it is not at all surprising Insomnia Cookies is the most popular dessert place in the heart of campus. At only $1.25 each, it is also affordable for students. Every time I pass by the shop, I struggle to not fall to temptation from the sweet sugary smell wafting around the entire building. 

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