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A Flurry for Phillies – McDonald’s

on September 13, 2012

ImageSeptember 7, 2012
McDonald’s, Philadelphia PA
Phillies McFlurry
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Sugar Cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookie

When we drove past a certain McDonald’s on our way back to campus after shopping a few days ago, I spotted the poster on the window featuring the special McFlurry available only in Philadelphia – celebrating the Phillies. I first discovered this regional treat last year when we had McDonald’s near Walmart. I did not give it much thought back then, but luckily, a year later, it is still here.

The Phillies McFlurry is simply McDonald’s’ low fat vanilla soft serve with Phillies M&M’s swirled into it. The candy-coated chocolate came in red, blue, and white, and even had either the name ‘Phillies’ or the ‘P’ logos printed on them. Since these had special writing on them, they were not crushed into bits like the Smarties back in Canada. I found the chocolate to be very good mixed into the sweet yet refreshing ice cream. The large pieces gave the dessert a lovely crunch and milk chocolate flavour. The M&M’s were plentiful and the dessert was simple yet special. Go Phillies!Image

On the same occasion, we also got a cup of the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade to cool off. The strawberry concentrate base was quite sour, as was the lemonade slush poured over it. It was sour on sour, with the sweet just enough so that the drink was not too overwhelmingly sour. The colours blended nicely and reminded me of a refreshing, hot summer day drink, which is exactly why we ordered it. The consistency of the slush was good and although quite sour, it was a relief to drink.

As a snack, I also got three cookies for $1 since they had all three kinds available. The Oatmeal Raisin cookie is quite soft, although there is not much oats inside like I am used to. Thus, the texture was more like a regular cookie with some oats rather than all very hard to chew due to the majority of the oats. It was not very sweet, though, which was nice since the raisins were sweet enough. At least there were enough of those to give a contrasting, tart flavour.Image

The Sugar Cookie was surprisingly delicious. It was so simple, yet the texture was almost perfect. It was not freshly baked or warm, but it was still dense, soft, and chewy. The sugar on top added a nice additional sweetness to the cookie; it was sweet on sweet but not exactly overwhelmingly cloying. Sometimes, the simplest designs are the best.Image

Finally, the Chocolate Chip Cookie was just average. It was neither very soft nor very chewy. At least it was moist enough and soft and chewy enough, although I think it could have had a better texture. I have certainly tasted many better cookies. The chocolate chips were semisweet so only the cookie dough was quite sweet. This made the treat not overwhelming, suitable for those with less of a sweet tooth. The chocolate was quite gooey on the inside, which was good. The cookies tasted fresh, even if they did not just come out of the oven. At three for $1, they were as good as you can get anywhere, anytime.

McDonald’s may not always have the best quality food. Actually, when did they ever have the best food? However, considering prices, they are usually a pretty good choice for getting what they offer. I especially like these special promotions, whether it is regional or limited-time specials. I just wish they would permanently keep some of these items. Still, it is great to know that McDonald’s, at least in Philadelphia, are still cheering for the Phillies!


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