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Buffalo, Bacon, and Beef – McDonald’s

on September 13, 2012

ImageSeptember 7, 2012
McDonald’s, Arlington VA
Angus Bacon & Cheese
Spicy Buffalo Sauce

With filling afternoon snacks from McDonald’s and various other foods in the car, we drove to Washington DC without stopping for dinner. However, that meant that by the time we checked into our room, it was past 9 p.m., and we needed food that is close by, but we were not exactly hungry. Thus, we decided on McDonald’s yet again. 

Dad ordered the Angus Bacon & Cheese since he quite liked the special Angus in New York that was not available in Virginia. The beef patty was juicy and thick, and the bacon contrasted nicely with its crispness. The sesame bun was soft and quite average. The onion rings and the crinkle-cut pickles added a freshness to the burger and the sauces (ketchup and mustard – your regular burger fare) gave it its flavour. The ingredients might be quite ordinary, but the burger was freshly assembled so everything tasted decent.Image

I asked for a Spicy Buffalo Sauce, which I found to be too strong and monotonous. It was just plain old spicy, which is a very harsh and bold flavour. It was plain, uncomplicated. I found it too spicy but I guess it was expected for a buffalo sauce. However, I did not like it compared to their other sauces.Image

One of the best thing about McDonald’s is the relative consistency since all their items are quite standardized. Also, you can usually rely on them for fast food wherever and whenever. They are all over the place and many are open 24 hours. Convenience is definitely a factor here. 

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