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Cozy in the Hotel – Così

on September 13, 2012

ImageSeptember 7, 2012
Così, Arlington VA
Pollo e Pasta Soup
Original Flatbread

Since I did not feel like McDonald’s, I decided on Così. Since I was also not very hungry, I went for a regular sized Pollo e Pasta Soup. It was a nice vegetable and pasta soup, with chewy cous cous pasta and Mediterranean vegetables. The chicken were a little dry and bland but this happens way too often with chicken in soup that it is no longer surprising. The soup broth was slightly on the greasy side but nonetheless a nice cup of vegetable goodness to warm me up. It was a tad salty but still good and quite flavourful. Make sure to drink it while it is still hot, though. Otherwise, the simplicity of the soup works well with the coziness that comes to mind whenever I think of Così. If it is not apparent… well, I love their name!Image

The soup was served with Original Flatbread. It was so chewy and tough yet soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. It had the taste of a dusty layer of flour after being baked in the oven. It was quite late so the flatbread was not the freshest – at least not fresh out of the oven. However, it was still good as it gave my jaws a workout and tasted simply plain.

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