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Following Obama’s Footsteps – Ray’s Hell Burger

on September 14, 2012

ImageSeptember 8, 2012
Ray’s Hell Burger, Arlington VA
Big Punisher
Soul Burger Number One
Sweet Potato Fries
Homemade Cole Slaw

Mom was so excited to go to Ray’s Hell Burgers after seeing the photo of President Obama dining there. After not having a proper meal all day, I loved the idea of some traditional, greasy comfort food. In good ol’ America, that usually results in burgers with thick, juicy beef patties. To be even more extreme, we should have gotten a milkshake, but it was kind of chilly and we did not want our meal to be THAT fattening. We also went with the “Little” Devil for both combo plates, since there was just no way we could eat the big burgers.

The Big Punisher, with the Diablo burger patty (grilled with spicy chipotle sauce), pepper jack cheese, charred jalapenos, grilled onions, and fiery piranha sauce, was super spicy with all the extra kick! The jalapenos, with their seeds, were especially burning. The pepper jack cheese did not stand out but the beef patty was extremely juicy and went well with the melted gooey cheese. The grilled onions were a little too greasy, but at least they were soft and sweet. The piranha sauce was somewhat refreshing, actually, kind of like a mix of tomatillo salsa and guacamole; it was not very ‘fiery.’ Overall, the flavours went well together, and it was certainly the spiciest burger I have ever had.

The Soul Burger Number one had bacon, swiss cheese, grilled onions, and sautéed mushrooms. Again, the burger was super juicy with the bun soft and soaking up the jus. The cheese was nicely melted and the onions provided that sweet flavour, even if it was a bit oily. The mushrooms added a simple fungi aroma. This burger is certainly simpler, but it was traditional and exactly what we were looking for. Personally, grilled onions and mushrooms are my favourite burger toppings.Image

I got also got an order of Sweet Potato Fries, which for $2.25, was well worth the money. The serving was quite large considering the price. They were decently cut pieces and had a nice crisp on the outside with a soft, sweet inside. A little on the greasy side, I enjoyed dipping them into the special Ray’s Heck Sauce that they served on the side with my plate of extra vegetable toppings.Image

Finally, I decided to get the Homemade Cole Slaw, which was huge for only $1.50. The cabbage and carrots, along with whatever other vegetables there were, were fresh. There was quite a lot of the creamy sauce, which was a great blend of sweet and tangy. I did not mind the extra sauce since the flavour was good and I can never get too much of the cole slaw flavour.

Since their vegetable toppings were complimentary, I asked for some lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, and mushrooms on the side. They also gave me extra charred jalapenos, piranha sauce, and Ray’s Heck sauce, since they probably figured it went with my order. I really enjoyed all the extra vegetables. If the burgers were not already so thick and bigger than I can fit in my mouth, I would have added the toppings right on. Instead, I ate them with a fork. At least they were good though! The place is quite casual and crowded. We went to the original storefront, so the décor is nowhere near elegant. The place was quite run down, typical of a small town fast food establishment. However, the servers were friendly and the atmosphere was quite cheery, with pictures of Obama on the walls of course!


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