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Real Campus Chinese Food – The Real Le Anh

on September 15, 2012

ImageSeptember 12, 2012
The Real Le Anh, Philadelphia PA
Vegetable Soup
Crab & Cheese Dumplings

It was late by the time I went to get dinner. I wanted something fast yet comforting, so I decided it was time to give Chinese food carts a try. I had a bite of Mom and Dad’s orders the day before but Tang Chinese Food was already closed. I walked further down and found myself at The Real Le Anh. Their menu boards were quite fancy and formal compared to many others around campus so I figured they must also be pretty good. At least the cart looked appealing. The lady was also very nice and smiling all the time. They also had so many choices, not just the regular meat, vegetable, and sauce varieties. I need to go back and try some of their Thai dishes soon.Image

I wanted soup so I got the Vegetable Soup because they had ran out of the Hot and Sour Soup. It was just steamed, or perhaps boiled, vegetables, with stock and some chili sauce. It was surprisingly spicy, since chili and garlic in plain soup stock tend to burn the throat. The vegetables were fresh and I loved them. There were bean sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, napa cabbage, mushrooms, and green beans. It was quite pleasant.

The Crab & Cheese Dumplings, at six for $3, was the daily special. I thought it would be traditional dumplings, either pan-fried or steamed. To my surprise, it was cream cheese and imitation crab inside two wonton wrappers, folded diagonally in half to make a triangle shape, and then deep-fried. Finally, tianmianjiang, or sweet bean sauce, was slathered over it. I enjoyed the flavours. The filling was creamy and slightly sweet; it was actually quite good that I wished they did not skimp on the ingredients so that the fillings would be bigger. The dumplings were actually nicely fried, still crispy on the parts that did not drown in the sauce after some time. The inner layer was still chewy, which was good. It was not overly greasy, and I liked it being served with the sweet sauce to give it more flavour. I guess I just wish they were steamed since I am not a fan of deep-fried in general.

This is certainly not the cheapest food truck on campus, but the prices are still pretty cheap, I think. As long as the flavours are there, I do not mind too much. I will be surviving on food carts and healthy fast food joints around campus for the next eight months so I am sure everything will become familiar to me by the end. 


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