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Tang Dynasty Tofu – Tang Chinese Food

on September 16, 2012

ImageSeptember 13, 2012
Tang Chinese Food, Philadelphia PA
Vegetable Soup
Kungpao Tofu

My second visit to a Chinese food truck on campus was to get what Mom had the other day. I had a few hours in between classes around lunchtime so I made my way back to my old dorm, and outside on the street was Tang Chinese Food. The line was quite long and I waited about ten minutes before placing my order and another five for it to be made. However, I was very pleased with the service. They were extremely nice about giving me more vegetables and a little less rice in the take-away box.

I got a pint of Vegetable Soup just for something warm. Sadly, they did not have hot and sour soup on their menu, so I asked for some chili sauce on the side. The lady placed a spoonful of the garlic and chili sauce in the corner of my entrée. The Vegetable Soup consisted of carrots, broccoli, napa cabbage, cabbage, and celery, the same steamed or boiled vegetables that went on the main dishes. Then, a slightly sweetened, and probably containing MSG, broth was poured onto the vegetables along with chopped scallions and some salt and pepper for seasoning. It was refreshing and simple – a nice start to the meal.Image

Like Mom did, I ordered the Kungpao Tofu. It was also National Peanut Day so a kung pao-style dish with peanuts on top was quite fitting. The fried tofu puffs were already made and sitting in a container like all of their ingredients. It was spread over a bed of steamed vegetables, which sat over rice, and then the kung pao sauce and some of the chili and garlic sauce was added to the dish. I could have used a little more of the kung pao sauce as the rice was not very flavoured by the end. Also, I think mixing the two sauces would have blended the flavours better; I had some pieces of spicy tofu while others were just more of the sweet and tangy sauce flavour. The tofu puffs were okay. They were soft in the middle but I would have preferred steamed tofu to make it fresher. The vegetables were healthy and simple, though, which I really enjoyed.

Tang Chinese Food seems to make all of their dishes from pre-made protein on top of a bed of vegetables, and then ladle different sauces over the dish. While this seems quite clean and healthy, it is not as good as something stir fried, which I would prefer instead. However, they give a generous amount and have relatively cheaper prices than The Real Le Anh and some of the other places (though perhaps The Real Le Anh gives even bigger portions… I will have to wait and see). 


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