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Hello, Autumn! – Così

on September 17, 2012

ImageSeptember 16, 2012
Così, Philadelphia PA
Tomato Basil Aurora Soup

Autumn Apple Chicken Salad 
Multigrain Flatbread

Knowing it was the last day to get double the points for their fall feature salad, I went to Così for dinner – my second visit in one week. Just wait, this is going to become routine. I do think their prices are quite high, especially when considering how many food trucks and cafes there are around campus. However, they certainly make up for it in quality.

I started with a side of Tomato Basil Aurora Soup. It was so creamy, tart, and absolutely delicious. This was perhaps the best tomato basil soup I had ever had. The tomato aroma was strong, one of a good, ripe, yet still sour-tasting tomato. The chunks of tomato were soft and flavourful. It was creamy but not too rich. The basil aroma also came through.Image

The featured Autumn Apple Chicken Salad was also amazing. I asked for lightly dressed, and yet the caramel vinaigrette was still very prominent. It was tangy but sweet, something I have not tried before. Caramel in a salad, I’m sold! The apples were soft but the skin on the cubes was still kind of tough. The chicken – celebrating National Chicken Month yet again – was extremely tender and the candied pistachios added such a nice, sweet crunch with a nutty aroma to the salad. The feta cheese added a nice savory twist while the greens were crunchy and sweet from the caramel vinaigrette. I think they forgot to add the dried cranberries, though, since it was in the description but I had none – and I did search for them. Overall, it was an excellent blend of sweet, tangy, and savoury, with an assortment of textures – a perfect introduction to the autumn season.Image

With my salad came the Multigrain Flatbread. It had salt and pepper on top so it was slightly seasoned and thus more flavourful. It was crispy on the outside and very chewy. The sides were a little tough and it was not just taken out of the oven. However, it was still very chewy, which I do like, and I love the flour taste on top. Così’s flatbreads never disappoints, especially compared with that of many other cafes. It is their signature feature after all!


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