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Spicy and Garlicky – Yue Kee Chinese Food

on September 17, 2012

ImageSeptember 15, 2012
Yue Kee Mobile Kitchen, Philadelphia PA
Hot & Sour Soup
Eggplant in Garlic Sauce

Having walked past Yue Kee Mobile Kitchen many times last year and hearing the sounds of a wok stir fry, I knew this particular food truck cook their Chinese food on the spot, rather than just assembling ingredients and dumping sauce on the food. Apparently, it is also one of the cheapest Chinese food trucks around, with great food but a really rude and mean Chinese lady taking orders while her husband does the cooking. True, I was not greeted with a smile, but rather impatience, and while the wait was over fifteen minutes, it was well worth it.

I started with a Hot & Sour Soup, which was only $1.25 for a pint. It was thickened with some sort of starch and was quite thick but did not have the strongest flavor ever. I felt like it needed more seasoning to make is more sour and spicy, but it was still decent. There were bamboo strips, water chestnuts, a few pieces of ‘old’ tofu, and a few rare swirls of egg. While I liked the crunchiness of the water chestnuts, one of the most distinct textures, it did not seem to fit. The other ingredients were generic and overall, it did warm me up.Image

For my entrée, I got Eggplant in Garlic Sauce with fried rice. The rice was quite hard, probably left over rice, stir fried with the littlest bits of eggs and a little soy sauce. I did not mind it, though. Both fried and steamed rice have their pros and cons. The eggplants were – I think – put into the fryer, but did not seem to be fried. The portion was decent and the eggplants were soft and mushy. They were stir fried in so much garlic sauce that it was quite tasty. The sauce was spicy, sweet, and tangy, a nice compliment to the rice. For once, I am glad there was no lack of sauce. There was not anything else in the dish but the garlic flavor was strong, which I love. Considering price and value, it was good and I would definitely get this piping hot dish again, even if I have to wait another 20 minutes.

I do appreciate – quite a lot – that the food here is stir fried individually. Chinese food should come out piping hot, and the sauce was plenty for enough flavors that the rice did not end up bland. Now if only the lady would just crack a smile, but that does not affect my enjoyment of food in any which way.

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