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Celebrating Fast Food Simplicity – McDonald’s

on September 19, 2012

ImageSeptember 18, 2012
McDonald’s, Philadelphia PA
Rolo McFlurry

It was National Cheeseburger Day so off I went to McDonald’s and got the Cheeseburger, a McDonald’s classic. At only $1, it is no wonder it is one of the most popular fast food menu items in the world. The Cheeseburger was not large, and I did not expect it to be. The plain bun was a little over-toasted, though I did not really mind since the slightly burnt taste went well with the lightly sweetened flavor. It was soft and easily squished, a texture I enjoy. The ketchup, mustard, onions, and pickle slice were so generic yet comforting in a way. The thin beef patty was overcooked, though, and the edges were dry and slightly tough. The cheese slice was nice and savory. Overall, it could have been prepared with more care, but considering the neighborhood, I am not expecting any ‘gourmet fast food.’Image

For something sweeter, I got the limited time Rolo McFlurry, though this is just the same as the one in Canada that is not a limited time offer. It was the vanilla soft serve ice cream with Nestle milk chocolate bits and caramel sauce swirled in. Sweet on sweet on sweet was perfect for me. The chocolate bits were more like chunks and not overwhelmingly sweet. However, they were also not the best quality of chocolate and I expected better from Nestle. The caramel flavor of Rolo chocolates came from the caramel sauce, which was swirled into the ice cream quite consistently. It was sticky and gooey, pairing nicely with the chocolate. The taste is very straightforward, yet the treat was still pleasant.

ImageI really wished there was a McDonald’s of higher quality in the vicinity. Everything depends on the care and attention given to the assembly of food since all the ingredients are standardized. At least we have a McDonald’s on campus, a place to go for generic, cheap fast food that you just crave once in a blue moon. 


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