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Just Cheese – Allegro Pizza & Grill

on September 19, 2012

ImageSeptember 18, 2012
Allegro Pizza & Grill, Philadelphia PA
Cheese Pizza

At a club meeting, they served pizzas from Allegro Pizza & Grill. I got a slice of Cheese Pizza, the only flavor they had. I wish they had something else, though, even if it was just pepperoni or something else generic. Cheese can just get too plain. The dough was a little tough and very chewy, but I liked the chewy part. It was the outside crust that was half crispy, half tough, that I did not really enjoy. I like the plain flour taste, though, but I could have used thicker crust. The tomato sauce was actually nicely seasoned and quite good for a generic slice of pizza. The tomato flavor was rich with a good amount of herbs. The cheese was not the blandest I have had, though not the most flavorful either. It was okay, certainly nothing special but not too bad. I just found it a little plain, especially as it got colder. For something cheap and generic, it met those expectations.

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